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Friday, July 20, 2012

Computer Table
Computer knowledge is essential in today’s digital world. Giving young children access to computers from an early age helps prepare them for their future lives. Child-friendly computer furniture is essential for a comfortable and safe learning environment.

Some experts believe that starting computer education at an early age is beneficial. When a child uses a computer, putting together a puzzle, playing a game, or solving a problem, it improves his manual dexterity and long-term memory. With each accomplishment, his confidence and self-esteem grow. Interacting with images and lessons on the computer screen increases a child’s logical and spatial thinking skills.

Computers in the classroom benefit both a child’s educational and social skills. Children sharing computer resources around a classroom computer table encourages social interaction. Sitting next to each other, they learn to cooperate and solve problems together. Interaction with other students enhances their overall learning experience.

Despite the advantages gained from learning computer skills at an early age, prolonged computer use by young children concerns some experts. One of their concerns is that a child’s physical development can be impaired by poorly chosen computer furniture. The computer desk needs to be the right height for a child. This puts the monitor directly in front of the child to avoid neck and shoulder strain. It also prevents over-extension of a child’s wrist when using the mouse and keyboard.

Whether choosing computer classroom furniture or a computer desk for the home, there are several key factors to consider:

  • It should be the proper height.
  • All surfaces should be child-safe.
  • All edges and corners should be smooth and rounded.
  • It should be sturdy, safe, and of good quality.
  • It should be easy-to-clean.

There are some additional considerations for choosing computer classroom furniture. It is important, especially when teaching younger children, for the classrooms to be versatile. Therefore, the furniture must be moveable. To encourage social interaction and improve the group learning experience, classroom computer tables are a must.

Many parents don’t realize the importance of proper furniture for their child at home. Too many children lay sprawled on the floor or sit hunched over on the couch for hours with the family laptop. This common practice leads to back, neck, and wrist pain. Spending hours too close to a computer screen can also cause eyestrain and other physical problems. Even at home, a child needs his desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, and mouse to be at the proper height. An adjustable child’s computer desk would enable the parent to adjust the desk height to match his child’s growth.

Children’s computer furniture is available in bright, primary colors and laminated wood surfaces. Buying appropriate furniture can create an inviting and safe space for learning that is fun for everyone involved.

by: RonJun eShop