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Friday, June 29, 2012

Princess Fainting Couch
One of the most exciting things about having a new baby girl is planning the room decor. A princess themed room is a favorite among girls and parents. Every little girl should be born into royalty. Princess room decor can make her feel like she was destined to be a real-life princess. From matching furniture to paint schemes, kids rooms can be fun to create. It's easy to bring a room to life when using a princess themed room. Bright purples, pinks, and gold accents will tie everything together to create the perfect nursery and playtime room combined.

Every little girl wants to be a princess. Why not make her dream come true? Matching furniture can make the room look cohesive and bright. A bed, toy box, jewelry box and even dresser can all make a difference in the way the room looks. Choose one company that offers princess room decor and stick with their color scheme. A mismatched room can make the room appear messy and unorganized. If the options with one company are limited, try to color-match. Although the little princess won't mind the color-matching, it will help uniformity within the room.

Kids rooms are the most exciting rooms in the house to create. They require imagination and innovation. Baby girl themed rooms should be full of life and character in every aspect. Functionality must also be a factor within the space or time constraints, especially with paint schemes. A princess themed room would be perfect with a castle mural. Not only will a mural bring the whole room together, it will make her feel like she's true royalty. It can be planned and executed with a simple how-to list and some paint colors. Over-sized vinyl wall stickers can serve as a great alternative if there is an inability to paint. They are inexpensive and don't ruin walls.

There are so many ways to make baby girl themed rooms into something majestic and spectacular. From the paint to the furniture, it can provide function and fun all in one! Every little princess will enjoy having tea with her friends, sleeping in a bed made only for a princess, and living in her own little castle. They even make princess potty chairs for royalty. Not only will it help in potty training your little princess, she'll be happy to get on the throne! The princess theme will leave your princess with hours of playtime fun for her and her friends.

by: RonJun eShop