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Friday, June 1, 2012

P'kolino Multi-Use Art Easel
Do you have a child that likes to: draw, paint, or any of the other artistic traits then maybe an easel would come in handy for them. There are many different types of kid’s easels on the market for children, such as drawing easels and art easels.
Depending on what they do will make a difference in the easel you purchase. If your child likes to draw then you would want to look at kids drawing easels. Many of these have two sides that can be used. Or if you prefer they do offer one sided kids drawing easels. There is a tray at the bottom of the drawing area to place markers, crayons, pencils, or whatever else they may be drawing with.
Art easels are similar to the drawing easels except most of these have a tray at the bottom of the drawing board to hold paints, markers, the items they are using to draw with. You can also find easels that have compartments underneath for storage.
Most kids easels fold up for easy storage and moving around. Kids easels are usually stand around 46” high and there are some on the market that is adjustable. This is handy as it saves buying a new easel in a few years.
There are also many kids art tables on the market. They are many different styles and sizes of kids art tables to choose from. Plastic art tables may be better for a younger child and a wood one for an older child. Most of these tables come with a bench or chair.
Kids art tables can be used for any type of art project that a child is working on. From dough to paint, these tables will serve the purpose.
Whether it is an easel, art table, or a drawing easel, the main thing to consider is the durability for lots of use and the right size for your child. Things to consider would be; is the table big enough for your child or is the easel tall enough, or is there enough room for all their supplies.
Kids drawing easels, art tables, and kids easels would make a great gift for you little artist. Allow their talent to expand and let them be just like the pros. What artist would not love one of these wonderful items? Maybe Christmas or a birthday would be a great time to surprise your little artist.

by: RonJun eShop