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Friday, June 22, 2012

Flagship Kids Carpet ABC-123
Children’s play rugs can be used in many different settings. The play rugs come in many different sizes and will entertain children for hours. For the home they can be in a family room, set up in the living room or in the child’s room as a piece of the everyday décor. Where ever you stretch out a kids rug, you will find them playing and learning at the same time.

Play rugs come in squares, round and rectangular. The rugs are made of 100 percent nylon for durability and come in bright colors. Nylon is very easy to keep clean. Every rug has been stain guarded for easy clean up. Use a damp cloth on the spills and everything should come right up. They are also easy to vacuum.

The rugs are educational, full of games, or designed for certain play time activities. The carpet surfaces are designed with backgammon, checkers, Parcheesi, hopscotch and many other games that adults can also join in on and play. Any of the kids’ rugs that have games on them that need playing pieces will have all the needed items in order to play the games.

Other rugs will have the numbers from 1-10 on them and the alphabet for the early learning ages of children. Children will learn color recognition, their numbers and letters, and visual distinction as well as some phonic rules and math facts. The rug kit comes with flash cards, a spinning board, four oversized bean bags and ten numbers. The instruction book will teach the children all the games to play on these rugs.

Children’s play rugs can also teach children about life around them and how to respect other people’s property. The town rugs has roadways, train tracks, buildings, traffic signals, a fire station, hospital, a library and all the instructions on how a town operates. Children will lean to share and take turns on the roadways and the rules of the town.

Outside fun can also be done using children’s play rugs. You can set up the hopscotch rug out on the driveway for hours of active fun. The rug comes with three bean bags and colorful designs on all the squares. After the children are done, you just roll it up and store it away for the next time.

Noah’s Ark is also another favorite kid’s rug designed with the alphabet around the edges in bright beautiful colors in both upper and lower case letters. Kids can join Noah and all his animals on the Ark.

You can also get special rugs that will help you teach a child sign language. This is a round rug with all the hand signs for teaching the deaf. Teachers find this a helpful tool that holds the children’s interest in learning sign language. Students can interact with the teacher and with each other. Great for the home where one child is deaf and the other family members want to learn sign language.

Kid’s rugs are also great for doctor’s offices where the children can play while waiting for the doctor. The kids’ rugs come in many different activities and can be permanently place down by using a firm lock material for safety.

by: RonJun eShop