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Thursday, May 10, 2012

KidKraft Artist Easel With Chalkboard
A great deal of time has been spent studying the effects of fine arts on development, and statistics have repeatedly proven that children who have been exposed to fine arts and creativity are more likely to excel in life. These children exhibit greater academic prowess, increased citizenship activities, improved fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem solving skills. Considering this supporting data, it would seem to be a foregone conclusion that any parent would do well to encourage artistic creativity. For a relatively small investment, a parent can take measures to encourage creativity in art and music from a very early age.

Depending on available space, there are creative and captivating kids easels with unique designs that catch the interest of a child. Once he or she is hooked, it is merely a matter of taking the time to model the fun that can be had with the easel. After the child experiences the pleasure of creating masterpieces, there will be no need for prompting. There are many varieties of kids easels on the market today, and there is sure to be one that will work in any home environment. They can be basic no frills affairs, table top models, or a deluxe multipurpose easel with a scroll of paper, a black board, a whiteboard and more.

When a child has a special place to create that is all his or her own, he or she is more likely to use it. There is something about a little pride of ownership to kindle an active interest in an item. Art desks for kids, or art tables for kids, can be simple affairs with a scroll of paper to pull over the top, or a simple caddy to hold art supplies. There are yet other desks/tables that have all the bells and whistles, brightly colored with shelves and other enticing traits. While the more elaborate art desks for kids and/or art tables for kids may first draw attention more quickly, but there is no guarantee that the more expensive models will maintain their interest any more than a basic model.

Exposing a child to music through kids pianos can be fun and rewarding. They have come a long way in the past few decades. Where kids pianos used to be a small, out of tune tinkling instrument, they have evolved into quality musical instruments designed specifically for children by renowned artists. They can be small table top affairs or miniature versions of a full size upright or grand piano. The amount of available space and budget should dictate purchase decisions. Simple instructions can allow parents to help their child discover the joy of creating recognizable music, even if that parent has never touched a piano before.

Considering the proven benefits of fine arts in a child's life, it makes sense for parents to inspire their children to create art and music, and increase their chances of success as they move on in life.

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by: RonJun eShop