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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do rock the boat, baby. Or the truck. If your child is crazy about trucks, boats or trains, these rocking vehicles are the way to go.

Sturdily crafted of the finest, kid friendly materials, your young engineer, biker or sea captain will spend hours rocking and rolling on these bright and realistic toys. And all the action stays in one place – great for keeping kids busy when you’re busy, too.

Brightly painted and richly detailed, these rocking toys will look great in a bedroom or playroom. They look more like furniture than toys – but your kids won’t know that. They’ll just love them because they look like the real thing.

Whether they are sailing the high seas, patrolling the highways or heading out on a fire call, these action packed vehicle kid rockers will keep your little adventurers busy and happy for hours.

The steering wheels are sized for little hands and the details are big and bold – just the way kids like them. Handcrafted and heirloom quality, these vehicle child rockers will be passed on for generations. The styling is classic and timeless and the memories they create will last a lifetime.

Rocking cars, rocking boats are designed for children over the age of two. The rocker bases are skid proof and safety tested for stability and tip resistance. Besides their visual appeal and high fun factor, these rocking vehicles meet the highest possible safety standards.

Parents will love the quality and design of these vehicle rocking toys as much as their kids love the wild rocking action. These vehicle kid rockers are perfect for photo opportunities!

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by: RonJun eShop