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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Versatile, functional and fun, a toy box provides a personalized, organized spot for your child’s prized toys. Cleaning up is easier when there’s a place to put everything.

In a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles, a toy box is a must have accessory for bedrooms and playrooms. Keep toys clean, games organized and gear sorted – easily and quickly. Stop tripping over soccer balls and stuffed animals. Open the lid, toss ‘em in and the room is clean. Toy boxes are almost like magic.

Choose the style that best compliments your child’s interests. From sports themes, fire trucks and trains to elegant, hand painted florals, there is a toy box that will hold it all in style.

For versatility and space efficiency, some toy boxes double as benches. This is a great feature when space is at a premium.

Handsome personalized toy boxes are also available. These are great for older kids and all the gear that comes with school sports and activities. Their classic and timeless style will be at home in any bedroom or workspace.

Each of these toy boxes meets rigorous safety standards to prevent accidents like pinched fingers or banged heads. You can be sure that each of these chests are crafted of non toxic, kid friendly materials.

These toy boxes will become family heirlooms, suitable to be passed from one generation to another. Materials and workmanship will ensure that these toy boxes will continue to provide a safe place for every child’s favorite toys, games and gear.

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by: RonJun eShop