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Friday, May 8, 2009
It’s an indoor pirate ship! This pirate ship loft is designed for active indoor fun. Brightly colored graphics will enchant young pirates and the versatile, multi level decks will keep them busy for hours.

This creative, interactive unit features multi level decks, stairs and a fun slide. To increase the action and entertain a crowd, additional stairs and slides can be added.

Creative role playing is easy when you’ve got a big captain’s wheel, a Jolly Roger flag and a wide wooden plank to walk. There are secret hiding places, peep hole windows and plenty of lookout places to scan the horizon for enemy ships.

The large size is perfect for group play and encourages cooperation, interaction and general big time fun. There’s room for a crowd on this ship – nobody needs to be left on shore.

This indoor activity center will be a popular spot for kids older than three years of age. It is suggested that safety matting be used with this play set. As with all play sets, adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Built to withstand the mightiest of pirates, hurricanes and epic sea battles, this set is crafted of high quality, non toxic paints, woods and hardware. It conforms to all safety guidelines regarding indoor play sets.

Large, colorful and versatile, this Kids Indoor Playground Equipment, -Pirate Ship Loft is feature and detail rich. Perfect for large playrooms, day care centers or waiting rooms, this set will be the place to go for pirates and landlubbers alike.

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by: RonJun eShop