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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Versatile, functional and fun, a toy box provides a personalized, organized spot for your child’s prized toys. Cleaning up is easier when there’s a place to put everything.

In a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles, a toy box is a must have accessory for bedrooms and playrooms. Keep toys clean, games organized and gear sorted – easily and quickly. Stop tripping over soccer balls and stuffed animals. Open the lid, toss ‘em in and the room is clean. Toy boxes are almost like magic.

Choose the style that best compliments your child’s interests. From sports themes, fire trucks and trains to elegant, hand painted florals, there is a toy box that will hold it all in style.

For versatility and space efficiency, some toy boxes double as benches. This is a great feature when space is at a premium.

Handsome personalized toy boxes are also available. These are great for older kids and all the gear that comes with school sports and activities. Their classic and timeless style will be at home in any bedroom or workspace.

Each of these toy boxes meets rigorous safety standards to prevent accidents like pinched fingers or banged heads. You can be sure that each of these chests are crafted of non toxic, kid friendly materials.

These toy boxes will become family heirlooms, suitable to be passed from one generation to another. Materials and workmanship will ensure that these toy boxes will continue to provide a safe place for every child’s favorite toys, games and gear.

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by: RonJun eShop

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bedtime? No problem if you’ve got a Hummer car bed. Who wouldn’t want to go to bed?

Styled just like the real thing but with way better mileage, the Hummer car bed offers the young auto enthusiast a very cool place to dream of the day when he can get behind the wheel of the real thing. Until then – the Hummer bed and matching accessories.

Designed to meet the highest standards of quality and all around awesomeness, this rugged, stylish kids bed is available in several colors. This bed has all the features that a true automobile aficionado looks for in his wheels including a top quality paint finish and solid metal hardware. A customized license plate is optional.

This Upscale kids bedroom furniture-Hummer Car/Terrain Bed is available in twin size or full size. A box spring is not required. A full line of matching accessories is also available, including a night table, tool chest dresser, five shelf book case and a student desk.

This Upscale kids bedroom furniture-Hummer Car/Terrain Bed is crafted of the finest materials for long lasting good looks. Your child will get a lot of miles out of this fun and functional furniture set. This set is built from MDF, an engineered wood product which is known for its durability and strength.

There is some assembly required but it can be done on site. The patented assembly process does not require a high priced mechanic – your average grown up will be able to handle it.

Park this Hummer in your child’s room and he’ll be the envy of every kid on the block.

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by: RonJun eShop

Friday, May 8, 2009
It’s an indoor pirate ship! This pirate ship loft is designed for active indoor fun. Brightly colored graphics will enchant young pirates and the versatile, multi level decks will keep them busy for hours.

This creative, interactive unit features multi level decks, stairs and a fun slide. To increase the action and entertain a crowd, additional stairs and slides can be added.

Creative role playing is easy when you’ve got a big captain’s wheel, a Jolly Roger flag and a wide wooden plank to walk. There are secret hiding places, peep hole windows and plenty of lookout places to scan the horizon for enemy ships.

The large size is perfect for group play and encourages cooperation, interaction and general big time fun. There’s room for a crowd on this ship – nobody needs to be left on shore.

This indoor activity center will be a popular spot for kids older than three years of age. It is suggested that safety matting be used with this play set. As with all play sets, adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Built to withstand the mightiest of pirates, hurricanes and epic sea battles, this set is crafted of high quality, non toxic paints, woods and hardware. It conforms to all safety guidelines regarding indoor play sets.

Large, colorful and versatile, this Kids Indoor Playground Equipment, -Pirate Ship Loft is feature and detail rich. Perfect for large playrooms, day care centers or waiting rooms, this set will be the place to go for pirates and landlubbers alike.

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by: RonJun eShop

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beach front property in your own backyard! Sand boxes have been around for years, and for good reason. They are fun and safe and inspire creativity and imagination. Sand offers a wonderful sensory experience for kids of all ages.

These are not the old wooden boxes full of questionable sand that you remember from your childhood playground. These are engineered for clean, fun, sandy action indoors and out. Covers are available to keep the sand clean and fresh.

For digging, building, moving, constructing and all around creative play, sand boxes and sand tables can’t be beat. Moist sand is a clean, tactile way to build castles, etch designs and stimulate the imagination. Bury small toys in the sand for a fun exploration game. Add a few scoops, shovels, pie pans and digging trucks and you’ve got a full scale fun center. You’ll be surprised at your child’s ability to magically change sand into cakes and castles.

Infants, toddlers and pre schoolers love sand but there are several models available that are large enough for bigger kids…maybe even parent-sized kids. Don’t be afraid to hop into these sand boxes with your kids. They’re built to last and it’s fun for everyone. Built in umbrella stands and sturdy seats make these new sand boxes a fun spot for socializing as well as sand play. Dig your toes in!

Indoor sand boxes and sand tables are smartly designed for easy clean up. Easy to move and drain, these tables bring the fun of sand and water play indoors.

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by: RonJun eShop

Monday, May 4, 2009

The ultimate backyard activity center. The Blue Ridge Chateau II kids outdoor swing set requires no batteries, no wires and no internet connection. But amazingly, kids love it anyway!

This is not the creaky metal swing and slide set from your childhood. This is a sliding, climbing, swinging extravaganza that will be the envy of every kid on the block.

Of course there are swings. And a slide. But this swing set goes the extra mile with a rock climbing wall for future mountaineers, a trapeze for the budding acrobat, and telescope to keep a watchful eye on things.

The elevated fort has a covered roof and a safety rail. It is accessed by ladder. The wave slide extends off of the fort for fast, fun filled exits.

A sand box feature adds a touch of beachy fun for non climbers and the built in picnic table is a great place to rest and revive after an active day of swinging, climbing and fort defending.

This award winning swing set meets the highest standards of safety, durability, workmanship and value. Its poly coated wood beams are maintenance free for many years of easy care service. Resistant to rot, insects and decay, you can be confident that this set will perform as promised.

Assembly takes about eight to ten hours, but the step by step, 3-D instructions are fully illustrated for clarity. All lumber is pre cut and drilled, so it is an easy project to complete, even with your anxious, overstimulated children hovering in the background.

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by: RonJun eShop

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do rock the boat, baby. Or the truck. If your child is crazy about trucks, boats or trains, these rocking vehicles are the way to go.

Sturdily crafted of the finest, kid friendly materials, your young engineer, biker or sea captain will spend hours rocking and rolling on these bright and realistic toys. And all the action stays in one place – great for keeping kids busy when you’re busy, too.

Brightly painted and richly detailed, these rocking toys will look great in a bedroom or playroom. They look more like furniture than toys – but your kids won’t know that. They’ll just love them because they look like the real thing.

Whether they are sailing the high seas, patrolling the highways or heading out on a fire call, these action packed vehicle kid rockers will keep your little adventurers busy and happy for hours.

The steering wheels are sized for little hands and the details are big and bold – just the way kids like them. Handcrafted and heirloom quality, these vehicle child rockers will be passed on for generations. The styling is classic and timeless and the memories they create will last a lifetime.

Rocking cars, rocking boats are designed for children over the age of two. The rocker bases are skid proof and safety tested for stability and tip resistance. Besides their visual appeal and high fun factor, these rocking vehicles meet the highest possible safety standards.

Parents will love the quality and design of these vehicle rocking toys as much as their kids love the wild rocking action. These vehicle kid rockers are perfect for photo opportunities!

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by: RonJun eShop