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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Childs Art Activity Storage Desk w/adjustable side shelves/Stool/Easel/Paper Roll by GuideCraft is the perfect, all-in-one art solution for your creative kid! With its bright, primary colors and curvy, kid friendly lines, this art desk will appeal to the preschool Rembrandt and fit nicely into any bedroom or play space.

When the creative juices really start flowing, there are several features that will appeal to the budding artist’s parents, including a safety paper cutter and tip-proof paint cup holders.

This sturdy unit features a magnetic easel face for write on/write off messages, perfect for temporary creations. The 15” paper roll lays flat against the easel back for painting (with brushes or fingers – artist’s choice), marker use, crayons and pencils.

The tilt down desk expands the utility of this unit, making it an all-purpose play or homework desk. The large, flat surface is great for model building, sculpting or crafts projects. Bright and colorful, this art desk set makes homework fun.

There’s plenty of storage options included in this package. There is storage built into the fold down desk and the stool has storage built in, too. The side unit has adjustable shelves for storing supplies, works in progress or finished masterpieces.

This kids art desk offers a lot of versatility in a compact, smartly designed package. Kids will love creating in their very own art space and parents will love the solid construction and well designed safety and storage features.

For children three and up, this is a great choice for arts and crafts projects, imaginative play and yes, even homework.

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by: RonJun eShop