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Thursday, April 30, 2009

You’ve heard of a rocking horses. But rocking cows? Now there’s a whole stable full of animal rockers – your kids can rock out on a frog, a dinosaur, a dog…even a ladybug.

Whimsical, colorful and very, very cute, these rocking animals are more than just toys, they are companions. Plush covers are easy to clean and make these rockers very huggable. Kids don’t have to be riding them to love them. These colorul, whimsical pals are fun to just hang with.

Kids Rockers are a great place to watch the world go by. Rock during story time. Rock during dinner preparations. Rock during television time. Your toddler and preschooler will find these padded, plush pals to be the best seat in the house. And you’ll love the quality, durability and safety features.

As a toy or a room accessory, plush animal kid rockers will be a beloved companion. Some even make noises – barks, moos, quacks and roars bring your rocker to life! Just squeeze the ears for an added burst of rocking good fun.

As with all plush animal kid rockers, the wooden bases are are specially designed to be non slip, stable and tip proof. Heavy duty construction allows these rocking animals to hold up to one hundred pounds so you can be sure your little one will be riding on a quality rocker.

Built to last from one genertion to another, plush animal child rockers will build coordination and confidence. As with all rocking toys, parental supervision is recommended.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rocking horses have been around for generations and with good reason. They are fun, they are great looking and they inspire imaginative play without taking up much room.

Today there are many styles of rocking horses to choose from. There are traditional pony styles with stirrups and handles, set on a rocker base. Some are plush, some are wood and for the tiniest riders, a low riding plastic horse.

Unicorns have become a popular theme in girls’ bedroom décor, and there are several to choose from in the rocking horse stable. And don’t limit yourself to traditional horse styles – there are rocking donkeys and rocking zebras, too. Fantasy carousel horses are available, too.

Some rocking horses feature battery operated noises – a simple squeeze of the ears and you’ll hear realistic whinnies and nickers just like a real horse.

For a really authentic experience, there is even a mobile versions; rather than rockers, this version has wheels. The rocking action makes the horse’s legs move and propels the horse forward. It’s the next best thing to a real live pony!

All rocking horses are sturdy and safe. Solidly constructed of durable woods, the non slip rocker bases are designed to be tip proof and secure. Wooden dowel handles are sized for kids and the saddles are shaped for a good fit. Most rocking horses are designed for children over the age of three. Models that sit lower to the ground are more appropriate for younger riders.

As with all toys, parental supervision is recommended.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plush hopper ball toys take the fun of hopper balls to the next level. It’s more than just a fun bouncing toy, it’s a snuggly friend, too. Cuddly and colorful, you can choose from a full menagerie of styles.

Plush hopper ball toys are great exercise and great fun. An inflatable rubber ball is encased in a colorful, plush animal costume. Grabbing on to the sturdy handle and sitting on the ball, kids can hop to their hearts’ content. The durable plush cover removes easily for washing, so these hopper balls can be used indoors or out.

When not in use, plush hopper toys look adorable in your child’s bedroom – it’s a friendly and lovable stuffed toy. There are dogs, cats, grasshoppers, monkeys, horses and more. You won’t be able to miss your little hoppers when they come bouncing through the kitchen on these brightly colored critters with flopping ears and tails. Accompanied by appropriate sound effects, these plush activity toys will provide hours of energy burning fun and imaginative play.

Plush hopper toys are designed for kids over the age of three. Hopping is a great activity for kids of all ages. Hopping races and hopping obstacle courses are a lot of fun, as is general hopping from one room to the next. Hop on the grass, hop on the driveway, hop in the basement, hop in the garage. It’s all good. When hopping balls as cute as these, your child may not want to walk anywhere.

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Friday, April 24, 2009
Push powered cars are the ultimate in mobility for the newly mobile toddler. Powered by little legs or a grown up’s push, these are a colorful and fun way to get from one side of the kitchen or driveway to the other.

Sturdy enough for bigger kids, these push powered ride on toys-pushed cars, boats, airplanes and scooters are extremely durable and made to stand up to the rigors of toddlerhood. Made of high quality plastics, these toys are almost impossible to break. Sturdy molded seats, cheerful and silly graphics and bright primary colors appeal to every kid that sees them. Push powered toys are kid magnets.

Big steering wheels and smooth action are fun for little drivers. They will return to these toys again and again. Soft, smooth surfaces are easy on bare skin. These toys are designed with very young children in mind, so there are no sharp edges to worry about. Seats are set low enough that any mishaps take place very close to the ground.

Some styles have push handles attached that allow adults to direct the action but others are completely toddler powered. A new innovation in push powered cars is the patented ride ‘n glide model that lets kids propel themselves in a cool, snake like pattern.

Parents love push powered toys because they are safe and durable. Kids love them because they are brightly colored and allow them to roll around the house and driveway under their own power. Rolling is fun and self propulsion is fun so pedal cars are fun. It’s that simple.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling all aviators. Pedal airplanes are coming to a driveway near you.

These durable, classic pedal airplane toys will spark your child’s imagination and dreams of flight. Durable and safety tested, they feature solid rubber tires for a solid grip on the pavement while still allowing dreams of flight.

Many of these retro styled pedal airplanes replicate vintage aircraft of the early days of aviation. They are a wonderful teaching tool in addition to being flat out fun. Your child will learn about the Red Baron and other aviation pioneers while zooming around the driveway under her own pedal power.

When the pedals are pushed, the propellers spin for a realistic, airborne sensation. Pedals offer no slip traction pads for safety. Windscreens, steering wheels and exhaust covers offer realistic detail to encourage young imaginations.

These pedal planes feature scratch proof paint, heavy gauge, all steel construction and richly detailed instruments and chrome accessories. Comfy padded seats make sure the ride is smooth and secure.

For days when you just can’t fly, some of the models include a rocker bottom which allows the plane to be used indoors. This versatile option is easy to install and remove. You can fly indoors on a rainy morning and be ready to take ‘er outside that same afternoon.

These are heirloom quality, collectible ride on toys but don’t be afraid to use them. The scratch proof paint and durable construction will keep these toys looking new for years to come.

Some minor assembly is required for these ride on toys.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Durable and fun, pedal cars are a great way to cruise around the driveway and get a little exercise at the same time. Available in a variety of styles and price points, there is a pedal car just waiting for your tiny motorist to hop behind the wheel.

Sturdy, all steel construction will ensure years of enjoyment and trouble free use. These ride on toys will stand up to the minor fender benders so common in busy imaginary parking lots.

Finished with lead free powder coat paint, these pedal powered vehicles are richly detailed and beautifully crafted. Sporty modern cars, authentically detailed trains, retro roadsters and charming antique cars will inspire creativity and encourage an interest in history.

Solid rubber wheels provide traction for a sure grip on the pavement. There are many styles to choose from but all are suitable for children between the ages of two and five. Some offer adjustable seats for comfort and longer use.

These are classic toys, designed by experts. Some are crafted under the license of Mercedes and designed under the eye of their engineers. These cars feature authentic badges and stickers so you will not be out of line when you tell your friends you recently bought a Ferrari.

These are heirloom quality ride on toys, crafted for generations to enjoy. The paint is deep and rich and the instruments, chrome and accessories are very detailed and realistic.

When your child takes a spin in one of these fun and fabulous pedal cars, they won’t want to get in the minivan again.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

It’s just not fair that these battery powered kids cars did not exist when you were small enough to fit in them. The next best thing? Seeing your kids go wild for them.

From the battery powered golf cart for budding duffers to the wilder formula one race car, there is a battery powered car for you – I mean your child.

Richly detailed to please even the most demanding car enthusiast, these motorcycles, dune buggies, carts, trucks and cars are powered by six volt rechargeable batteries. The batteries have a life of about three to five years and can be recharged up to three hundred times. Charge times vary between two and three hours.

Four wheel vehicles operate by way of a foot pedal and have a forward and reverse function. Kids Motorcycles are propelled forward only. Acceleration stops when your child’s foot is taken off the pedal.

Some vehicles can reach up to 5 miles per hour but can be limited to a maximum of 4 miles per hour.

Children between two and five will love the miniature versions of fine automobiles (yes, your child can own his own Jaguar), racecars, quads and motorcycles. Many models limit weight to under 65 pounds, but some models are suitable for older kids and can accommodate children up to 85 pounds.

There are remote control models, too, which may be the closest you will be able to get to driving one of these very cool cars. Until they make them for grown-ups, that will have to do.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The circle of fun puzzle bench is a puzzle lovers dream come true! The four benches in this set can be connected together to form a puzzle circle or used alone for individual play. Each section is a fun stand alone toy but connected together – look out! It’s a non stop, puzzle solving extravaganza.

There are seven different puzzles included in the table set, each an activity in itself. There is an abacus, matching fruits, magnetic circle express, a gear panel, pathfinder and two sculpture mazes. These award winning activity toys will keep kids entertained for hours.

Perfect for kids aged two up to about age five, this Circle of Fun Waiting Room Toys is made of safe, high quality materials for years of tough, puzzle solving play.

Because of its durability and versatility, the circle of fun puzzle bench is a perfect toy for waiting rooms and day care centers. But its solid construction and colorful good looks make this a good choice for busy households, too. Kids of all ages love to move, twist, sort and solve these engaging puzzles.

Puzzles are a great way for kids to develop their problem solving skills as well as their fine motor skills. And when they can have fun doing it, they’ll do it more! That’s where this bench really shines; there are several different choices so it keeps kids busy and interested.

Sized so kids can sit right on the floor and get busy puzzling, these tables are tip-proof, durable and easy to clean.

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by: RonJun eShop

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
The pink retro kitchen is a stylish addition to any child bedroom or playroom. It’s so great looking, in fact, it could even find a home in the big kitchen, right next to the real stuff.

Sturdy and functional, this play kitchen set offers kids lots of features that kids find in mom and dad’s kitchen, including a refrigerator, freezer, sink with swiveling faucet, a dishwasher and a stove with turning knobs.

Your budding chef will prepare many delicious and imaginative creations in this hard working kitchen. The fridge and freezer are large and spacious for storing all of the finest ingredients.

The stove has two burners so more than one cook can be working at once.

And when it’s time to clean up after a memorable meal, the sink is removable for efficiency. The dishwasher holds a full course worth of dirty dishes.

After the meal is prepared and served and clean up is complete, the dishes can be stored under the stove, ready for the next dinner party or family meal.

The pink retro kitchen harkens make to an earlier age, when pink kitchen appliances were all the rage. The quality, too, speaks of the past, when toys (and kitchens) were built to last.

This set is crafted of wood and the durable hinges will stand up to even the most temperamental chef.

Wonderfully detailed and sized for kids over the age of three, this set will create many happy memories for kids. And the great retro styling may bring back a few happy memories for mom and dad as well.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009
Not your average dollhouse! This is an interactive experience for kids and dolls alike.

Brightly colored rooms, mod furniture, working lights and realistic sounds make this doll house a dream house. There are four levels of bright open spaces and the house comes with 21 pieces of furniture. There are six rooms, including a living room, kitchen, bedroom, den, bathroom and an attic work out room. Any doll would be thrilled to call this house her home.

Interactive features include two real working chandeliers, a light up vanity and push button sound features on the piano, stove and toilet. There is so much to do and see in this large and impressive dollhouse; your daughter or granddaughter will be kept busy and happy with the sights, sounds and colorful décor of this very mini mansion.

This Glamour Dollhouse w/ Lights & Sound by KidKraft has all the most sought after real estate features including a fireplace and large windows to let in the light. Dolls up to 12” tall will find this doll house very comfortable and suitable for their on the go, modern lifestyles.

Location, location, location: this Glamour Dollhouse w/ Lights & Sound by KidKraft is a welcome addition to any girl’s room. Colorful and well made, it is a dollhouse that will entertain and inspire girls over the age of three. At almost 40” tall, this dollhouse will become the premier address among the under 10 set.

Before the dolls can move in, parents or other adults will be required to perform a little pre move in assembly work. And like most homes, batteries are required but not included.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

SUPER JUMBO WONDER BLOCKS are the blocks you wish you had when you were a kid. They’re super. They’re jumbo. They’re super jumbo wonder blocks and they are really, really cool.

Blocks build muscles and enhance motor skills. But that’s parent talk. To kids, these are bright, colorful tools to build castles, forts, walls and towers.

Big pieces, fun shapes and vivid colors will make this set the most popular blocks on the block! Triangles, squares, rectangles, cylinders, half cylinders and arches let kids’ imaginations run wild. And the shapes have an added bonus – kids can learn shapes while they’re building their dream forts.

Lightweight and -- of course -- non toxic, these large building blocks toys are suitable for children as young as three with adult supervision. The set includes 22 pieces, plenty for everyone.

The bright striped design is fun and inspiring. The largest piece is 16” long, so these blocks can really fill up a space with imaginative and creative constructions. Their light weight lets even the smallest builder get busy with blocks. Little hands can grip and lift them just like the bigger kids.

Building Blocks Toys have been around for a very long time, but super jumbo wonder blocks take creativity and fun to the next level. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking up a block or two…then another…and just one more – until you find yourself surrounded by your very own super jumbo wonder fort. It’s ok – go for it! You can just say you’re providing adult supervision.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Designed for kids two and up, this colorful, crazy coral reef kids activity center is irresistible for just about anyone.

Seven sides (including the top) of twisting, turning, spinning fun, this unit is colorful and endlessly entertaining. Your kids will feel like undersea explorers as they turn the levers, roll the beads, spin the dials…it’s non-stop fun for busy toddlers.

This is a hands-on play station that encourages exploration and educational play. There is a turtle maze that can be played alone or as a race with another player. There are hide and seek opportunities and cause and effect activities that help kids discover new ideas and help them learn problem solving skills.

This play station is designed with a toddler’s demanding standards of fun in mind. Googly-eyed blowfish with spinning eyes? Check. Roller coaster bead maze? Check. Diving helmet mirror panel? Check. All systems are go on the coral reef activity center.

This is an engaging waiting room toy that encourages children hand eye coordination, development of motor skills and just plain over the top fun. Do not be surprised to find yourself crouched down on all fours, looking at yourself in the diving helmet mirror. And really, doesn’t everyone love googly eyes?

Designed primarily for waiting rooms to keep more than one toddler engaged and entertained, this is a well made and durable play station. The multiple sides offer an added bonus – kids love to race around it, turning knobs and spinning dials in an extravagant undersea adventure. Built to withstand the rigors of a waiting room full of toddlers, you can be sure of its quality and safety.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Whatever your child’s artistic specialty – chalk, paint, marker or crayon – this deluxe wood art easel is up for the task.

Solidly built for years of creative play, this wooden art easel is stylish enough to be placed just about anywhere. Use it to proudly display the very latest creation from your young artist. It can also serve as a menu board for holiday meals, a movie poster for the latest theatrical or magic production or a really big birthday card. It has endless possibilities!

This is a very well-designed easel that is as at home in the playroom as it is in the living room.

The paper dispenser is easily replaced and the cutter is safe and effective. There are two patented, anti-spill paint cups to keep things neat, and trays keep supplies like chalk, crayons, paint brushes and markers right at hand. Every detail on this art easel has been thought through to provide a functional, stylish and durable place for your child’s imaginative efforts.

In addition to the paper roll, this wooden art easel features a chalk board and a white board, too. Kids can experiment with many different mediums, expanding their artistic horizons. The chalk board and white board are perfect for playing school and practicing letters.

Sized just right for budding young artists, this Deluxe Wood Easel by KidKraft is solidly crafted and built for years of inspired artistic service. Children will love to use this easel, and parents will appreciate its quality. Creativity plus practicality makes this an easel the whole family will love.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Childs Art Activity Storage Desk w/adjustable side shelves/Stool/Easel/Paper Roll by GuideCraft is the perfect, all-in-one art solution for your creative kid! With its bright, primary colors and curvy, kid friendly lines, this art desk will appeal to the preschool Rembrandt and fit nicely into any bedroom or play space.

When the creative juices really start flowing, there are several features that will appeal to the budding artist’s parents, including a safety paper cutter and tip-proof paint cup holders.

This sturdy unit features a magnetic easel face for write on/write off messages, perfect for temporary creations. The 15” paper roll lays flat against the easel back for painting (with brushes or fingers – artist’s choice), marker use, crayons and pencils.

The tilt down desk expands the utility of this unit, making it an all-purpose play or homework desk. The large, flat surface is great for model building, sculpting or crafts projects. Bright and colorful, this art desk set makes homework fun.

There’s plenty of storage options included in this package. There is storage built into the fold down desk and the stool has storage built in, too. The side unit has adjustable shelves for storing supplies, works in progress or finished masterpieces.

This kids art desk offers a lot of versatility in a compact, smartly designed package. Kids will love creating in their very own art space and parents will love the solid construction and well designed safety and storage features.

For children three and up, this is a great choice for arts and crafts projects, imaginative play and yes, even homework.

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