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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sandboxes are a true staple of childhood. For children, playing in the sand is a delightful sensory experience. Think back and you'll probably remember sitting in the sand as a child, digging your bare feet down deep until you found the cool, damp sand underneath on a hot day.

Whether at the beach or a children's sandbox at the playground, the feeling of the grains of sand between their toes, the pretend play they engage in as they construct a sand castle, or digging for buried treasures like a lost toy, provide children with hours of fun. But why reserve all this fun and excitement for outings? Why not bring the sandbox home to your very own backyard?

Children's sandboxes for outdoor use are plentiful in supply, and we provide several high quality children's wooden sandboxes at a price that doesn't break the budget.

The Wooden Sandboat / Sandbox from KidKraft is a large wooden sandbox boat with a steering wheel and enough room for more than one child to play. The canopy above shields them from the sun's harmful rays, while storage space protects you from staring at a cluttered back yard. If your children are more interested in using their sandbox to dig for buried treasure, the Wooden Sandbox - Pirate Sandboat, will be sure to spark their imaginations.

Looking for something simpler? A large wooden Backyard Sandbox has a simple square design and includes corner seats while our Comfort Cedar Sandbox and Basic Cedar Sandbox both have two benches to keep bottoms out of the sand, and sand out of the bottoms. The Basic Cedar Sandbox also has an upgrade with a roof attachment to provide shade from the sun in our Deluxe Cedar Sandbox.

If you like the look of wood, but worry about splintering, we also carry poly-lumber sandboxes. Our Basic Poly Sandboxes are made of solid lumber board, not plastic, and also have two benches, while our OctaBox Sandbox has four benches so more may join in on the fun.

Many of our wooden sandboxes include a free cover, keeping the sand dry and ready for playtime anytime!

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by: RonJun eShop