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Thursday, March 26, 2009

We all remember being young and eating meals and playing at the dining room table at home. Now, you can give your child their very own piece of furniture. A child table and chairs set will give them a great sense of self and allow them to have their own space to eat and do their activities. You can teach your children responsibility by making sure that they help to keep the table neat, tidy, and washed. You can even purchase place mats and other table decorations to brighten up the table.

The kids table and chairs are sufficient in size and do not take up too much of the space in the room. One of the great things about RonJun eShop is that they offer Free Shipping for all the kids toys and furniture that they sell at their store, this is a great added feature for parents who like to shop online but hate to have to pay for shipping costs.

There are some stylish kids tables and chairs sets for sale. One such set is the MLB Boston Red Sox Kids Table and Two Chairs Set. It has the baseball team, official logo, markings and colors on it; the dimensions are 28" W x 28" D x 21" H, Seat Height: 12". There are many different baseball team themed childrens table and chair for sale on the web site. Other novelty kids table and chairs have themes such as a safari, the ocean, Noah’s Ark, barnyard, and many more.

The childrens table and chairs are well crafted and are very sturdy and which is great because when you have children they climb on everything and make it their mission in life to break and destroy everything. Parents know that they would rather pay a little extra to get a better quality item then have to replace the same piece of furniture over and over again. The kids tables are beautifully painted and add a touch of creativity to the furniture without becoming too expensive like traditional furniture.

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by: RonJun eShop

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sandboxes are a true staple of childhood. For children, playing in the sand is a delightful sensory experience. Think back and you'll probably remember sitting in the sand as a child, digging your bare feet down deep until you found the cool, damp sand underneath on a hot day.

Whether at the beach or a children's sandbox at the playground, the feeling of the grains of sand between their toes, the pretend play they engage in as they construct a sand castle, or digging for buried treasures like a lost toy, provide children with hours of fun. But why reserve all this fun and excitement for outings? Why not bring the sandbox home to your very own backyard?

Children's sandboxes for outdoor use are plentiful in supply, and we provide several high quality children's wooden sandboxes at a price that doesn't break the budget.

The Wooden Sandboat / Sandbox from KidKraft is a large wooden sandbox boat with a steering wheel and enough room for more than one child to play. The canopy above shields them from the sun's harmful rays, while storage space protects you from staring at a cluttered back yard. If your children are more interested in using their sandbox to dig for buried treasure, the Wooden Sandbox - Pirate Sandboat, will be sure to spark their imaginations.

Looking for something simpler? A large wooden Backyard Sandbox has a simple square design and includes corner seats while our Comfort Cedar Sandbox and Basic Cedar Sandbox both have two benches to keep bottoms out of the sand, and sand out of the bottoms. The Basic Cedar Sandbox also has an upgrade with a roof attachment to provide shade from the sun in our Deluxe Cedar Sandbox.

If you like the look of wood, but worry about splintering, we also carry poly-lumber sandboxes. Our Basic Poly Sandboxes are made of solid lumber board, not plastic, and also have two benches, while our OctaBox Sandbox has four benches so more may join in on the fun.

Many of our wooden sandboxes include a free cover, keeping the sand dry and ready for playtime anytime!

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by: RonJun eShop

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You have encountered uncomfortable situations where your clients’ children engage in distractive and destructive activities in the office. On the other hand, you have met potential clients who would have liked to patronize your services but had second thoughts because your office was viewed as less than child-friendly. Don’t fret. With a strategically-placed play table in your office, you can lessen distractions and destructions wrought by restless children and favorably revamp your business image at the same time!

For those busy times when many clients’ children are present, the Kids Monster Mountain Wire Maze Play Table is the perfect choice. Your little guests can play with as many as five other children on this rectangular-shaped play table with ample dimensions that will leave no room for arguments as to who plays with whom and who plays with what. Only fun with beads and fun with friends are allowed on this fully-functional play table, which can be securely fastened to the floor for extra safety. Now you can go about closing the deal with their parents!

If you are engaged in the sale of musical instruments but wishes to keep pudgy little hands off the immaculate Steinbach piano and the heavy Pearl drums, then the Musical Slices of Fun Kids Play Table is music to your ears. This round wooden play table is divided into four segments containing a wooden Xylophone, 8-note Xylobells, , 3-tone chime and cymbal, and 2 Remo drum sets complete with 8 wooden mallets, all of which are in bright primary colors. While the adults browse though the musical instruments, your little customers are having fun practicing on their own band. You can let them bang all they want and never worry that it is the Gibson electric guitar they are destroying in the process. Indeed, you satisfy both the parents’ and the children’s love for making music in a kid-friendly atmosphere!

Unless you have the financial capacity to construct and maintain a children’s sandpit in your office, your purchase of the Magnetic Sea Life Play Table is the ideal investment to make your office child-friendly. This imaginary sand and water play table features four magnetic wands to move the colorful sea creatures, which include a fish, a starfish, a whale, a turtle and crabs. Hopefully, this attractive play table will divert your little visitors’ attention from your aquarium while providing for a sandpit-like play area. Without distractions from happily playing children, you provide parents precious moments to concentrate on the transaction at hand. Imagine how much faster you can seal the deal!

If your worries center on child safety with play tables, you can leave them behind. All these play tables do not have loose, small parts that can cause choking and tripping hazards to small mouths and feet. Moreover, you only need to do simple spray and wipe maintenance on these durable play tables.

And the best thing yet? You lend a polished and professional look to your fun-friendly office with these wooden play table sets. Indeed, fun and functionality at its ideal best!

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by: RonJun eShop