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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As a parent, you want your children to acquire the necessary skills towards independence and maturity. These skills are essential for success in adult life, which is what every responsible parent wants for their children. You can start their road to success through potty training and computer learning, which should start with their very own kids' table and chairs.

Your toddler will love the Toddler Potty Chair with Accessories for its attractive color and finish, comfortable reach and fit, and compartments for toilet paper and books. You can let your child choose from the many colors available - solid white, linen, soft pink, powder blue, lavender, light and green - to suit his color preference and you can engrave his name on it, too. After all, you want to provide as many attractions as you can to encourage your child to use the potty. You can even buy him books especially for his potty time! On the other hand, you will love the durability of Baltic birch and the ease of cleaning and replacing the chamber pot.

For the little prince of the house, you can get him the His Majesty's Throne Prince potty chair. He will feel like a prince sitting on his throne, and you will feel satisfied that he is learning to use the toilet properly. Moreover, you can put his picture on the potty's backrest to make it truly his own property and no one else's! You will love the easy lift up of the chamber, which helps avoid messy spills. Truly, you will get value for your money and he gets value for his efforts.

For your little princess, the Her Majesty's Throne Princess potty chair will be greatly appreciated. She will love the girly pink and violet color combination, the cute crown on the backrest and etchings on the armrests, and the picture frame. You will love the ease and speed with which you can clean and replace the chamber pot - just lift and clean!

For your budding tech geek, the Preschool Computer Desk is perfect! With ample space for a full-sized monitor and keyboard, with the CPU underneath it, your child can navigate the wonders of the computer while sitting comfortably on the kid-sized chair. If you want, you can even add the printer table and the wall shelf, at additional cost. You will appreciate the sturdy construction and rounded edges, which are very important to child safety. You need not even worry about your child outgrowing the desk too soon because you can opt for the growth kit, which can easily transform the desk from preschool to grade school size and buddy size!

Indeed, helping your child acquire skills towards independence and maturity is easier when you have the right tools at your disposal. You should praise him for his efforts, provide incentives for a job well done, treat mistakes lightly, and exercise patience. After all, when he becomes independent, you will both be proud and sad - proud because he is learning and sad because your baby is now growing up.

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by: RonJun eShop