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Friday, February 20, 2009
Kids Play mats are more than just clean and colorful places to put your child on. You can use them to teach your children colors, shapes, sizes and spatial relationships while letting them use their imagination and creativity. Just imagine the places they could go to, the sights they could see, the sounds they could hear, and the situations they could encounter on their magic carpet rides you call play mats!

You can start their journey of discovery and learning with the Kids Shapen Color Mat & Matching Blocks. At a roomy 60 square inches, this play mat can comfortably accommodate your child and his playmates as they pretend to fly through the sky towards Neverland. While they rest from their adventures, you can teach them the three primary colors in a fun game of “Touch the Color” or “Match the Cube with the Triangle”. If you have the energy left, you can also teach them the two basic shapes of square and triangle found on both the play mat and the soft cubes. Truly, this is a must in any playroom!

For the budding artist in the house, you can get him the Kids Artists Palette Activity Mat in 1-inch thick virgin foam measuring a spacious 48” by 40”. You can teach him the colors he will be using as he paints his way to being the next Picasso or Monet. You might even teach him a thing or two about how combining two colors can produce another color and in so doing open up more artistic possibilities for him! Of course, with its vinyl cover you can easily clean up paint spills should he decide to actually paint on it.

For small babies learning to crawl and walk, the Kids Play Mats - Baby Love Mat is perfect for little knees, hands and feet. You can easily clean spills and spits, which often happens with little babies, from this vinyl-covered nylon play mat. Just wipe and clean and presto! Clean as a whistle. Now your baby can have his own play area dotted with colorful animal characters where he can just play and be himself. Truly, this is a must for small children learning to discover his physical capacities in a safe mat, lessening anxiety on your maternal part.

If you want more colorful play mats for your children, then the Kids Patchwork Crawly Mat is the perfect choice for you. With six vivid colors arranged in a patchwork – orange, green, blue, red, yellow, and violet – your children will have the colors of the rainbow at their feet! They can even play hopscotch on it. Of course, with play mats, you should always instruct your children never to use it for tumbling and gymnastics.

With play mats, you are teaching your child learning musts – color identification, pattern sequencing, basic counting skills, and creative play. But they will not know they are learning because they are entranced with the bright colors, pretty patterns and soft cubes. Indeed, play mats are play-learning musts in any home!

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by: RonJun eShop