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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Physical development is very important in normal child development. It provides for the abilities necessary to help your child explore and interact with his surroundings, which also promotes mental development. Indeed, pedal driving is fun for your child, but he is also developing motor and mental skills essential for his future driving expeditions, among other normal adult activities.

The Ferrari F430 Pedal Car is perfect for your budding racecar enthusiast. Racecar driving might not be your dream career for him, but nurturing his dreams even at a young age is the duty of every loving parent. This luxurious pedal car will appeal to his love for all things Ferrari with its alloy-like wheels, realistic badges and stickers, wings mirrors and sports steering wheel, and trademark Ferrari bright red finish. It will be his toy for the little boy! You, on the other hand, will take comfort in the strong and durable bodywork, easy buffing finish, and high-quality design and construction. The wonder of the Ferrari child pedal car is the actual consultation made between the engineers and the manufacturers. Now, that is making kids' pedal cars like they make the real thing!

For your big bike-minded toddler, the Big Wheel Wilde Kerle is the perfect vehicle to express his individuality. With its laidback seat, curved handlebars allowing for relaxed arms, and accessible front pedals set in a big wheel, your little big-biker will feel on top of the world. Snap his picture and you have the cutest picture of the cutest biker ever! You can only hope that his imagination will only take him to your front yard, not cross country.

The Kids Tractor - Fendt Dieselross will appeal to your son's rugged country spirit. With its almost exact replication of the original Fendt Dieselross design, your son will feel like a real farmer sitting atop his own tractor. You will appreciate the attention to details poured into the toy tractor, from its precision chain drive to its rear fenders, while your son will delight in the adjustable seat and trailer coupling for his wagon. You will both agree that the bright green paint and red hubs is the most attractive in the neighborhood.

And do not forget your little princess! Your daughter will love the 1932 Pink Roadster Pedal Cars with its pastel pink body and matching pink wheels. The collector in you will love its faithful recreation of the original design and the working trunk and hood louvers. When your daughter has outgrown the pedal car, you can still keep it as an object of art. Or even keep it safe for your grandkids!

To complete the garage, you can even purchase the 2 1/2' Green & Yellow Gas Pump with Storage Cars. Your children and their playmates can pretend that they are putting gas on their pedal cars!

Truly, pedal cars can teach your children physical skills like hand-eye coordination in driving, mental skills like color recognition on imaginary traffic signals, and body strengthening. They will have fun while you will be satisfied that you are doing your part in helping them develop to their fullest potential.

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by: RonJun eShop