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Friday, February 13, 2009

Children are unique individuals. They deserve to be treated according to their personality, tastes and preferences, needs and wants if you desire for their full development as adults. Truly, you should not impose your personality on them; rather you have to help them develop their own unique sense of self. You can start by furnishing and decorating their rooms, which are their havens in the home, the way they would want these to be.

For your little princess with Cinderella dreams, you can furnish her room with the Princess Room Furniture Set by Guidecraft. Your daughter will delight with the purple and pink color combination on the complete furniture set inspired by Cinderella's royal carriage. Your princess can spend hours in the velvet-padded rocking carriage without you worrying about tipping; store her toys in the carriage-shaped toy box or sit like a princess on it; reach her things with the carriage-shaped step stool with storage compartment; and feel like a real princess on her tulle-covered, personalized and velvet-padded rocking chair. Indeed, who needs to be born a princess when you can feel and look like one in your bedroom!

Your military hero for a son will be very pleased with the Heroes Rock Collection Theme Kids Room Furniture Set. It comes with a rocker, a toy box, a multi-purpose stand and a computer desk and chair set, all of which come in fun camouflage prints with spinning stars. Your son will enjoy the hidden compartments to conceal his spy stuff, too! Your son will enjoy pretending like the general plotting his maneuvers on the computer, issuing military orders from his rocking chair, storing his military things on the multi-purpose stand and hiding his military toys in the toy box. Your next step would be nurturing his dream of entering West Point!

For your circus fan, you can furnish his room with the Kids Room Furniture Set-Circus themed book display, rocking chair, toy box, table lamp, table and chairs. With its bright colors and attractive designs featuring clowns, elephants, horses and other circus animals, your child will feel like a member of the Cirque du Soleil himself! You can stock the bookshelf with his favorite books about circus animals and other toys related to his favorite circus acts. Indeed, if you cannot go to Las Vegas to watch the Cirque du Soleil, let the circus come to you.

For the budding bookworm, you should get her a Child Rocking Chair-Time To Read Kids Rocker - Girl edition with its matching Child Bookcase-Time to Read Revolving Bookshelf - Girl edition. Both come in pastel colors of green, pink and lilac, which will appeal to the girly girl in your daughter.

Your daughter will love reading books while sitting on the personalized rocking chair, especially when she is comfortably seated in the padded chair with her favorite books at her side. You will love the clock that tells you how long she has been reading! Your daughter will also like the revolving bookcase with its handy shelves for the favorite books she cannot store in her rocking chair. With its photo frames to place her pictures, she will truly feel like she has a library all her own.

With furniture to match their personality, you are taking the first steps to acknowledging and developing their unique individuality.

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by: RonJun eShop