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Friday, February 27, 2009

If you will look back into your childhood, you will recall that you learned more while you engaged in pretend play. Why is this so? Well, simply because you learned from experience in what you saw, heard, tasted and touched in your surroundings and then absorbed these experiences through re-enactment using pretend play toys. In a similar manner, your children will greatly benefit from pretend play towards the enrichment of their imagination and the development of their skills set.

Your little princess will absolutely love the Wood Savannah Dollhouse by KidKraft for its charmingly realistic 14-piece traditional furniture. You, on the other hand, will love how it can help you teach her the value of keeping the house clean and orderly. You will both agree that the whole dollhouse is fun to play with, from its charming wooden furniture to its lacy bed hangings, from its cute bathtub to its stately living room set, from its grand staircase to its terraces, all of which allow evoke the genteel Southern lifestyle. Everything is so girly-girly you would wish you were a little girl once again asking Santa Claus to give you one on Christmas Eve. Then again, you can always engage in pretend play with your little princess and turn it into the best bonding time ever!

For the budding chefs in the house, you can present them with the Deluxe Big & Bright Wooden Kitchen by KidKraft. And don’t wait for their birthdays or Christmas either since cooking is a year-round activity, even if it is just with a play kitchen! Your children will definitely fall for the complete kitchen features of this wooden play kitchen set – green oven and yellow microwave with transparent doors and turning knobs, pink two-door refrigerator with decals, spacious storage spaces, removable sink with pretend faucet, hooks for cooking utensils and stoves for pretend cooking. For your part, you can teach them kitchen safety using this absolutely safe and sturdy play kitchen set. Indeed, imagination and skills are at work here!

Your promising drama princess and budding scriptwriter cannot be forgotten either. You can give them the Kids Pretend Play Table-top Theater for those times when they feel the need to show off their acting skills and scriptwriting prowess. With its wide center panel, they can stage their original plays with the white marker board surface drawn with appropriate scenery. And even if their entertainment skills fail them, they can always turn the theater into a store. A very admirable transition from the arts to business for little kids indeed!

With pretend play toys, you encourage your children towards their fullest potential. You help them develop their social and language skills through play sharing and communication, enrich their imagination and creativity when they can be anything they want to be, reinforce sense of self-discipline through self-imposed rules, and emotional stability brought by interaction. As a parent, you should know that learning can be fun, too, and you have your happy childhood to show for it.

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by: RonJun eShop