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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Children have active imaginations that allow them to create their own world. It is a world where everything is within their reach and within their sizes, where they can reach the floor while sitting on a chair, where they can eat without their elbows hanging up, where they can pretend to be a princess or a superhero, where they can just be themselves. You can help your children create their imaginary world right within the safety and comfort of your own home through kids' bedroom furniture!

With the popularity of "The Dark Knight" movie, the rage is on for Batman items. You can satisfy your son's desire to have a Batmobile of his own in his bedroom with the Bat Mobil Bed, which comes with its own night table, 4-door dresser, 5-shelf bookshelf and student table when you pay additional costs for each item. You can recreate the Batcave in his bedroom that will be the envy of his friends and his haven. On the other hand, you have peace of mind knowing that the bed is durable, abrasion resistant, and absolutely safe. You do not even have to call Batman!

For your little princess, you can purchase the Princess Bed to complete the fairy-tale ambience of her bedroom. With its pink glossy finish, your daughter will love how it blends perfectly with her room's girlish decor. Just add in the night table, 4-door dresser, cloud mirror, bookshelf, and student desk, and you have created a fantasy room every girl dreams of! With its high-quality wood and finishing, you are assured of the safety and comfort parents dream of for their precious little princess.

Since you cannot assent to your adventurous toddler's request to sleep under the stars on a rocking boat in the middle of the lake, you can create the next best thing. You can set up the Toddler Boat Cot/Kids Boat Bed in the middle of his room! Just complement the bed with sea pictures on the walls, glow-in-the-dark stars, and a sea-themed area rug, and your child is set to go on a cruise! Your child will love the porthole rails and the hidden bow storage compartment while you will love the strength and security of his bed.

The transition from crib to big boy's bed can be difficult for your toddler. You can help him through the Firetruck Toddler Bed/Cot, which is perfect for his size and needs. Since it can accommodate his old crib mattress, your child will not miss his old bed and he will enjoy the realistic fire engine design, too. With side rails, you are sure that your child will not suffer from falls while sleeping and the height is just right for him. When the time is right, you can introduce him to a big boy's bed.

Your growing babies have growing needs as they become toddlers. These include the need for more bed space and more individual expression, especially in their bedrooms-cum-nurseries. You can satisfy these needs through kids' bedroom furniture in their right sizes and favorite themes, all of which are available at today.

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by: RonJun eShop