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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you are of one those parents who see kids building blocks toy as things that clutter the home and pose tripping hazards in the process, then you are sorely missing out on the benefits of these play toys in your children’s development. When you start indulging in your child’s love for building blocks, you will observe physical, intellectual and emotional benefits not seen with other play toys.

After a trip to the zoo, your toddler will want to relive the visit over and over again. To help him reenact the happy moments he had and remember the names of the animals he saw, you can buy him the Kids puzzle-A Day at the Zoo Wooden Playset. With 11 colorful rubberwood animals – giraffe, elephants, penguins, monkey, polar bear, lion and seal – your child will learn basic knowledge about how animals live, how they relate to one another and how he can take care of them. In effect, you are sowing the seeds for a budding veterinarian, or a zoologist, or an environmentalist or just an animal lover extraordinaire. More than his professional life, you are teaching him empathy for animals and for people, too!

You might want your child to become the next Albert Einstein sans the bushy hair and the beard. You can help him get a head start with the Children’s Blocks Play Toys-24pc Block Set, which you can use to teach him basic math skills. Its 24 corrugated cardboard with water-resistant coating cubes comes in three primary colors and three sizes, which your toddler can readily identify and which you can teach him to count with. Of course, he will not mind learning when he can have fun stacking them to build imaginary spaces. Worried about safety? No need because kids can actually crash into them without injury! This way, you are building the foundation for either a math whiz or a daredevil or an architect. Maybe all three when he grows up to be an architect extraordinaire who likes to dabble in sports.

If you want your child to enjoy bath times, you can get him the Premium Wonder Blocks 40-piece Set and watch him turn from a land baby to a water baby! This set of building blocks is made of non-toxic EVA foam that is safe on both the playroom floor and the bathtub, which allows for versatility few other building blocks possess. Let your child enjoy the colorful floating cubes in his bath while other cubes await him in his bedroom. Who knows what dreams he can conjure in his mind – Olympic diver, marine explorer, land explorer maybe? The possibilities are endless with your guidance and support!

With buildings blocks forming an essential part of his toy chest, you can assist in his physical and mental development. With building blocks, you help in strengthening little fingers, improving hand-eye coordination, teaching children shapes and sizes, developing vocabulary through social interaction, educating on basic math skills, and enhancing their creative talents, just to name a few. Indeed, the benefits of building blocks are as many as the number of configurations you can have with them!

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by: RonJun eShop