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Friday, February 27, 2009

If you will look back into your childhood, you will recall that you learned more while you engaged in pretend play. Why is this so? Well, simply because you learned from experience in what you saw, heard, tasted and touched in your surroundings and then absorbed these experiences through re-enactment using pretend play toys. In a similar manner, your children will greatly benefit from pretend play towards the enrichment of their imagination and the development of their skills set.

Your little princess will absolutely love the Wood Savannah Dollhouse by KidKraft for its charmingly realistic 14-piece traditional furniture. You, on the other hand, will love how it can help you teach her the value of keeping the house clean and orderly. You will both agree that the whole dollhouse is fun to play with, from its charming wooden furniture to its lacy bed hangings, from its cute bathtub to its stately living room set, from its grand staircase to its terraces, all of which allow evoke the genteel Southern lifestyle. Everything is so girly-girly you would wish you were a little girl once again asking Santa Claus to give you one on Christmas Eve. Then again, you can always engage in pretend play with your little princess and turn it into the best bonding time ever!

For the budding chefs in the house, you can present them with the Deluxe Big & Bright Wooden Kitchen by KidKraft. And don’t wait for their birthdays or Christmas either since cooking is a year-round activity, even if it is just with a play kitchen! Your children will definitely fall for the complete kitchen features of this wooden play kitchen set – green oven and yellow microwave with transparent doors and turning knobs, pink two-door refrigerator with decals, spacious storage spaces, removable sink with pretend faucet, hooks for cooking utensils and stoves for pretend cooking. For your part, you can teach them kitchen safety using this absolutely safe and sturdy play kitchen set. Indeed, imagination and skills are at work here!

Your promising drama princess and budding scriptwriter cannot be forgotten either. You can give them the Kids Pretend Play Table-top Theater for those times when they feel the need to show off their acting skills and scriptwriting prowess. With its wide center panel, they can stage their original plays with the white marker board surface drawn with appropriate scenery. And even if their entertainment skills fail them, they can always turn the theater into a store. A very admirable transition from the arts to business for little kids indeed!

With pretend play toys, you encourage your children towards their fullest potential. You help them develop their social and language skills through play sharing and communication, enrich their imagination and creativity when they can be anything they want to be, reinforce sense of self-discipline through self-imposed rules, and emotional stability brought by interaction. As a parent, you should know that learning can be fun, too, and you have your happy childhood to show for it.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you are of one those parents who see kids building blocks toy as things that clutter the home and pose tripping hazards in the process, then you are sorely missing out on the benefits of these play toys in your children’s development. When you start indulging in your child’s love for building blocks, you will observe physical, intellectual and emotional benefits not seen with other play toys.

After a trip to the zoo, your toddler will want to relive the visit over and over again. To help him reenact the happy moments he had and remember the names of the animals he saw, you can buy him the Kids puzzle-A Day at the Zoo Wooden Playset. With 11 colorful rubberwood animals – giraffe, elephants, penguins, monkey, polar bear, lion and seal – your child will learn basic knowledge about how animals live, how they relate to one another and how he can take care of them. In effect, you are sowing the seeds for a budding veterinarian, or a zoologist, or an environmentalist or just an animal lover extraordinaire. More than his professional life, you are teaching him empathy for animals and for people, too!

You might want your child to become the next Albert Einstein sans the bushy hair and the beard. You can help him get a head start with the Children’s Blocks Play Toys-24pc Block Set, which you can use to teach him basic math skills. Its 24 corrugated cardboard with water-resistant coating cubes comes in three primary colors and three sizes, which your toddler can readily identify and which you can teach him to count with. Of course, he will not mind learning when he can have fun stacking them to build imaginary spaces. Worried about safety? No need because kids can actually crash into them without injury! This way, you are building the foundation for either a math whiz or a daredevil or an architect. Maybe all three when he grows up to be an architect extraordinaire who likes to dabble in sports.

If you want your child to enjoy bath times, you can get him the Premium Wonder Blocks 40-piece Set and watch him turn from a land baby to a water baby! This set of building blocks is made of non-toxic EVA foam that is safe on both the playroom floor and the bathtub, which allows for versatility few other building blocks possess. Let your child enjoy the colorful floating cubes in his bath while other cubes await him in his bedroom. Who knows what dreams he can conjure in his mind – Olympic diver, marine explorer, land explorer maybe? The possibilities are endless with your guidance and support!

With buildings blocks forming an essential part of his toy chest, you can assist in his physical and mental development. With building blocks, you help in strengthening little fingers, improving hand-eye coordination, teaching children shapes and sizes, developing vocabulary through social interaction, educating on basic math skills, and enhancing their creative talents, just to name a few. Indeed, the benefits of building blocks are as many as the number of configurations you can have with them!

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Friday, February 20, 2009
Kids Play mats are more than just clean and colorful places to put your child on. You can use them to teach your children colors, shapes, sizes and spatial relationships while letting them use their imagination and creativity. Just imagine the places they could go to, the sights they could see, the sounds they could hear, and the situations they could encounter on their magic carpet rides you call play mats!

You can start their journey of discovery and learning with the Kids Shapen Color Mat & Matching Blocks. At a roomy 60 square inches, this play mat can comfortably accommodate your child and his playmates as they pretend to fly through the sky towards Neverland. While they rest from their adventures, you can teach them the three primary colors in a fun game of “Touch the Color” or “Match the Cube with the Triangle”. If you have the energy left, you can also teach them the two basic shapes of square and triangle found on both the play mat and the soft cubes. Truly, this is a must in any playroom!

For the budding artist in the house, you can get him the Kids Artists Palette Activity Mat in 1-inch thick virgin foam measuring a spacious 48” by 40”. You can teach him the colors he will be using as he paints his way to being the next Picasso or Monet. You might even teach him a thing or two about how combining two colors can produce another color and in so doing open up more artistic possibilities for him! Of course, with its vinyl cover you can easily clean up paint spills should he decide to actually paint on it.

For small babies learning to crawl and walk, the Kids Play Mats - Baby Love Mat is perfect for little knees, hands and feet. You can easily clean spills and spits, which often happens with little babies, from this vinyl-covered nylon play mat. Just wipe and clean and presto! Clean as a whistle. Now your baby can have his own play area dotted with colorful animal characters where he can just play and be himself. Truly, this is a must for small children learning to discover his physical capacities in a safe mat, lessening anxiety on your maternal part.

If you want more colorful play mats for your children, then the Kids Patchwork Crawly Mat is the perfect choice for you. With six vivid colors arranged in a patchwork – orange, green, blue, red, yellow, and violet – your children will have the colors of the rainbow at their feet! They can even play hopscotch on it. Of course, with play mats, you should always instruct your children never to use it for tumbling and gymnastics.

With play mats, you are teaching your child learning musts – color identification, pattern sequencing, basic counting skills, and creative play. But they will not know they are learning because they are entranced with the bright colors, pretty patterns and soft cubes. Indeed, play mats are play-learning musts in any home!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As a parent, you want your children to acquire the necessary skills towards independence and maturity. These skills are essential for success in adult life, which is what every responsible parent wants for their children. You can start their road to success through potty training and computer learning, which should start with their very own kids' table and chairs.

Your toddler will love the Toddler Potty Chair with Accessories for its attractive color and finish, comfortable reach and fit, and compartments for toilet paper and books. You can let your child choose from the many colors available - solid white, linen, soft pink, powder blue, lavender, light and green - to suit his color preference and you can engrave his name on it, too. After all, you want to provide as many attractions as you can to encourage your child to use the potty. You can even buy him books especially for his potty time! On the other hand, you will love the durability of Baltic birch and the ease of cleaning and replacing the chamber pot.

For the little prince of the house, you can get him the His Majesty's Throne Prince potty chair. He will feel like a prince sitting on his throne, and you will feel satisfied that he is learning to use the toilet properly. Moreover, you can put his picture on the potty's backrest to make it truly his own property and no one else's! You will love the easy lift up of the chamber, which helps avoid messy spills. Truly, you will get value for your money and he gets value for his efforts.

For your little princess, the Her Majesty's Throne Princess potty chair will be greatly appreciated. She will love the girly pink and violet color combination, the cute crown on the backrest and etchings on the armrests, and the picture frame. You will love the ease and speed with which you can clean and replace the chamber pot - just lift and clean!

For your budding tech geek, the Preschool Computer Desk is perfect! With ample space for a full-sized monitor and keyboard, with the CPU underneath it, your child can navigate the wonders of the computer while sitting comfortably on the kid-sized chair. If you want, you can even add the printer table and the wall shelf, at additional cost. You will appreciate the sturdy construction and rounded edges, which are very important to child safety. You need not even worry about your child outgrowing the desk too soon because you can opt for the growth kit, which can easily transform the desk from preschool to grade school size and buddy size!

Indeed, helping your child acquire skills towards independence and maturity is easier when you have the right tools at your disposal. You should praise him for his efforts, provide incentives for a job well done, treat mistakes lightly, and exercise patience. After all, when he becomes independent, you will both be proud and sad - proud because he is learning and sad because your baby is now growing up.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Children are unique individuals. They deserve to be treated according to their personality, tastes and preferences, needs and wants if you desire for their full development as adults. Truly, you should not impose your personality on them; rather you have to help them develop their own unique sense of self. You can start by furnishing and decorating their rooms, which are their havens in the home, the way they would want these to be.

For your little princess with Cinderella dreams, you can furnish her room with the Princess Room Furniture Set by Guidecraft. Your daughter will delight with the purple and pink color combination on the complete furniture set inspired by Cinderella's royal carriage. Your princess can spend hours in the velvet-padded rocking carriage without you worrying about tipping; store her toys in the carriage-shaped toy box or sit like a princess on it; reach her things with the carriage-shaped step stool with storage compartment; and feel like a real princess on her tulle-covered, personalized and velvet-padded rocking chair. Indeed, who needs to be born a princess when you can feel and look like one in your bedroom!

Your military hero for a son will be very pleased with the Heroes Rock Collection Theme Kids Room Furniture Set. It comes with a rocker, a toy box, a multi-purpose stand and a computer desk and chair set, all of which come in fun camouflage prints with spinning stars. Your son will enjoy the hidden compartments to conceal his spy stuff, too! Your son will enjoy pretending like the general plotting his maneuvers on the computer, issuing military orders from his rocking chair, storing his military things on the multi-purpose stand and hiding his military toys in the toy box. Your next step would be nurturing his dream of entering West Point!

For your circus fan, you can furnish his room with the Kids Room Furniture Set-Circus themed book display, rocking chair, toy box, table lamp, table and chairs. With its bright colors and attractive designs featuring clowns, elephants, horses and other circus animals, your child will feel like a member of the Cirque du Soleil himself! You can stock the bookshelf with his favorite books about circus animals and other toys related to his favorite circus acts. Indeed, if you cannot go to Las Vegas to watch the Cirque du Soleil, let the circus come to you.

For the budding bookworm, you should get her a Child Rocking Chair-Time To Read Kids Rocker - Girl edition with its matching Child Bookcase-Time to Read Revolving Bookshelf - Girl edition. Both come in pastel colors of green, pink and lilac, which will appeal to the girly girl in your daughter.

Your daughter will love reading books while sitting on the personalized rocking chair, especially when she is comfortably seated in the padded chair with her favorite books at her side. You will love the clock that tells you how long she has been reading! Your daughter will also like the revolving bookcase with its handy shelves for the favorite books she cannot store in her rocking chair. With its photo frames to place her pictures, she will truly feel like she has a library all her own.

With furniture to match their personality, you are taking the first steps to acknowledging and developing their unique individuality.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Physical development is very important in normal child development. It provides for the abilities necessary to help your child explore and interact with his surroundings, which also promotes mental development. Indeed, pedal driving is fun for your child, but he is also developing motor and mental skills essential for his future driving expeditions, among other normal adult activities.

The Ferrari F430 Pedal Car is perfect for your budding racecar enthusiast. Racecar driving might not be your dream career for him, but nurturing his dreams even at a young age is the duty of every loving parent. This luxurious pedal car will appeal to his love for all things Ferrari with its alloy-like wheels, realistic badges and stickers, wings mirrors and sports steering wheel, and trademark Ferrari bright red finish. It will be his toy for the little boy! You, on the other hand, will take comfort in the strong and durable bodywork, easy buffing finish, and high-quality design and construction. The wonder of the Ferrari child pedal car is the actual consultation made between the engineers and the manufacturers. Now, that is making kids' pedal cars like they make the real thing!

For your big bike-minded toddler, the Big Wheel Wilde Kerle is the perfect vehicle to express his individuality. With its laidback seat, curved handlebars allowing for relaxed arms, and accessible front pedals set in a big wheel, your little big-biker will feel on top of the world. Snap his picture and you have the cutest picture of the cutest biker ever! You can only hope that his imagination will only take him to your front yard, not cross country.

The Kids Tractor - Fendt Dieselross will appeal to your son's rugged country spirit. With its almost exact replication of the original Fendt Dieselross design, your son will feel like a real farmer sitting atop his own tractor. You will appreciate the attention to details poured into the toy tractor, from its precision chain drive to its rear fenders, while your son will delight in the adjustable seat and trailer coupling for his wagon. You will both agree that the bright green paint and red hubs is the most attractive in the neighborhood.

And do not forget your little princess! Your daughter will love the 1932 Pink Roadster Pedal Cars with its pastel pink body and matching pink wheels. The collector in you will love its faithful recreation of the original design and the working trunk and hood louvers. When your daughter has outgrown the pedal car, you can still keep it as an object of art. Or even keep it safe for your grandkids!

To complete the garage, you can even purchase the 2 1/2' Green & Yellow Gas Pump with Storage Cars. Your children and their playmates can pretend that they are putting gas on their pedal cars!

Truly, pedal cars can teach your children physical skills like hand-eye coordination in driving, mental skills like color recognition on imaginary traffic signals, and body strengthening. They will have fun while you will be satisfied that you are doing your part in helping them develop to their fullest potential.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Children have active imaginations that allow them to create their own world. It is a world where everything is within their reach and within their sizes, where they can reach the floor while sitting on a chair, where they can eat without their elbows hanging up, where they can pretend to be a princess or a superhero, where they can just be themselves. You can help your children create their imaginary world right within the safety and comfort of your own home through kids' bedroom furniture!

With the popularity of "The Dark Knight" movie, the rage is on for Batman items. You can satisfy your son's desire to have a Batmobile of his own in his bedroom with the Bat Mobil Bed, which comes with its own night table, 4-door dresser, 5-shelf bookshelf and student table when you pay additional costs for each item. You can recreate the Batcave in his bedroom that will be the envy of his friends and his haven. On the other hand, you have peace of mind knowing that the bed is durable, abrasion resistant, and absolutely safe. You do not even have to call Batman!

For your little princess, you can purchase the Princess Bed to complete the fairy-tale ambience of her bedroom. With its pink glossy finish, your daughter will love how it blends perfectly with her room's girlish decor. Just add in the night table, 4-door dresser, cloud mirror, bookshelf, and student desk, and you have created a fantasy room every girl dreams of! With its high-quality wood and finishing, you are assured of the safety and comfort parents dream of for their precious little princess.

Since you cannot assent to your adventurous toddler's request to sleep under the stars on a rocking boat in the middle of the lake, you can create the next best thing. You can set up the Toddler Boat Cot/Kids Boat Bed in the middle of his room! Just complement the bed with sea pictures on the walls, glow-in-the-dark stars, and a sea-themed area rug, and your child is set to go on a cruise! Your child will love the porthole rails and the hidden bow storage compartment while you will love the strength and security of his bed.

The transition from crib to big boy's bed can be difficult for your toddler. You can help him through the Firetruck Toddler Bed/Cot, which is perfect for his size and needs. Since it can accommodate his old crib mattress, your child will not miss his old bed and he will enjoy the realistic fire engine design, too. With side rails, you are sure that your child will not suffer from falls while sleeping and the height is just right for him. When the time is right, you can introduce him to a big boy's bed.

Your growing babies have growing needs as they become toddlers. These include the need for more bed space and more individual expression, especially in their bedrooms-cum-nurseries. You can satisfy these needs through kids' bedroom furniture in their right sizes and favorite themes, all of which are available at today.

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