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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
activity toys
Play is a very essential part of child development. It significantly contributes to the physical, emotional, cognitive, and physical welfare of children and the acquisition of skills they will need in adulthood. Play is also the perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their children. These advantages can be achieved through the use of kids activity toys that fully engage the child's attention.

Encourage your child to learn the human form through the Magnetic Skeleton Maze. He will be encouraged to know more about his body, which will help in arousing his interest in science. Indeed, you can develop logical inquisitiveness in your child when he starts asking you about what human part relates to what organ! His physical dexterity will likewise be enhanced since the game requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The best part is that you need not worry about choking hazards because there are no loose parts!

Develop your child's sense of the universe through the Outer Space Pathfinder Panel. With a simple representation of a child's galaxy filled with astronauts and aliens, UFOs and spaceships, shooting stars and planets, his imagination will soar to the heavens. Truly, you can sow the seeds of love for astronomy! You can even ask him to weave stories about the characters and places in the panel. You will also be promoting his logical reasoning and visual tracking skills, which are necessary in formal learning.

Remember how your child likes to pretend that he is driving a car? You can satisfy his pretend play through the Dashboard Driving Panel, which is filled with devices he sees on real cars! He can turn on the ignition with a key, manipulate the gearshift, toot on the horn, and drive the pretend car. He can even "see" how fast he is going through the speedometers! This certainly beats having your toddler spend his time in front of the television watching all those violent car chases. Just ride with his imagination, and off you go on an adventure!

Help your child use his hands for artful purposes. Get him his very own Kids Graffiti Magic Wall Panel! He can make various shapes using his fingers and hands, all without the mess of a finger-painting activity. His imagination will only be limited by his own hands and his mind, which is quite limitless considering a child's creativity. For parents, the durability and ease of maintenance are welcome boons. In fact, you too can enjoy this unique technology with your child! Truly, these sort of activity toys is a great bonding tool.

For a complete educational toy, opt for the Deluxe Mini Play Cube. With five learning toys in one play cube, he will pick up knowledge without him even knowing that he is learning! He will learn how to count and recognize numbers; he will learn the alphabet and start reading simple words; he will learn cause and effect through the fun gears and he will have fun turning all of them; and best of all, he will learn social skills through play.

Your child has limitless potentials. You can help him achieve the best he can be through activity toys that develop his mental, physical, and social skills. Best of all, you can play with him and develop a strong emotional bond that will be with him into adulthood.

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by: RonJun eShop

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Small children are generally known for their exuberant physical energy and enthusiastic mental curiosity. They cannot seem to sit still and focus their attention for long periods, often wriggling in their seats and laying their hands on anything. These can cause inconveniences for a busy parent. Instead of thrusting them in front of the television to watch mind-numbing shows, allow them creative license via kids' activity play tables.

To nurture your child's musical abilities, you can opt for the Musical Slices of Fun Kids PlayTable. Since it is a multi-player activity table, your child develops cooperative play, experience give and take situations, and acquire other social skills. The four instrument types - xylobells, wooden xylophone, drums, and chime and cymbal - are conducive to learning rhythms and melody, which can help your child hone auditory skills necessary in communication. Children can even rearrange the four-part activity table to their own liking. Listen to a band in the making and make them feel like superstars!

For durability, you cannot go wrong with the Large Deluxe Block Kids Play Table. It is made from solid maple, which carries the assurance of strength for even the most energetic of kids standing atop it. Children will love the 96 colorful and handy blocks that serve as open-ended toys, while you will love the fact that they learn as they play. You will not worry about the mess and about choking hazards! Children can be taught to store the toys after using in the double storage pouch, and there are absolutely no loose parts. How is that for teaching cleanliness?

If you want to teach your child about science, then you can start by giving them the Magnetic Sea Life Play Table! This kids' play table will teach your kids two basic things - how magnets work and life in the sea - all in the spirit of fun. The four magnetic wands propel the various wooden sea creatures like fish, seahorse, whale, crabs, turtle, and starfish any way they want. Add in active imaginations, and you will have plenty of stories to make up about the adventures of these sea creatures right in your own home! Who needs expensive theme parks when you have your kids' imagination at work?

For a child-proof activity table, you can choose the Big Bear Wire & Bead Kids Play Table. The solid construction allows for stability and durability even for multi-player games. Since there are no loose parts, you are assured of a choke-free play session. The beautifully-configured shapes will teach your children crazy shapes, which they can adapt to their scribbling and drawing. Indeed, they might even come up with new designs for this activity table!

In this age of television babysitting, it is a very good idea to instead provide your children with activity tables that fully engage their attention. In the process, they are learning valuable social and physical skills that they will need to become well-rounded individuals. And they have you and your choice of children's activity tables to thank for it!

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by: RonJun eShop