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Tuesday, October 7, 2008
sleep bags for kids
At around 8 years old, a child enters an age where he begins to join sleepover parties and go camping, as well. This is an exciting time for both parents and children. The parents start to let go of their child who is now growing up and allow him to spend nights in his friends' houses. The child also begins to discover the world that is beyond the four corners of his house. With all these things happening, the child has to be well-prepared for the sleepovers to come. An essential item would be kids' sleeping bags where he will be sleeping in when he goes to these events.

Perfect for any aspiring ballerina is The Ballet Slipper Kids' Sleeping Bag. Little girls will adore the ballet slipper design for this sleeping bag. It comes in two colors - lavender and pink - and is made of poly-cotton and satin on the outer material. The removable inner mattress is made of allergy-free polyester fiber so you don't have to worry that your child might have an allergy attack in one of those sleepover nights. Carry and transport of this sleeping bag is made easier with a carry sack that matches the color of the sleeping bag.

Joining a space camp in the summer is every boy's dream. Make it even more special by surprising him with The Space Shuttle Kids' Sleeping Bag. He will be thrilled to find it in his belongings and will get even more excited for the camp to start. The major color of the sleeping bag is silver, just like real space shuttles, and has a red printed USA design with blue rocket blasters. With a comfortable inner mattress and pillow, he can launch off to his dreams every night.

If your child is fond of baseball, you can get him this Kids' Baseball Mitt Sleeping Bag. He is sure to be the envy of his baseball-loving friends when he comes to the sleepover carrying this soft corduroy ball mitt sleeping bag. It is quite roomy, too, so he can invite his friends or siblings to join him in his mitt. No worries for cleaning here since the inner mattress is machine-washable and the covers open for ease in cleaning. A pillow comes along with this sleeping bag to provide more comfort for your child as he dozes off to sleep.

For the nature-loving child, the Kids' Chambray Daisy Personalized Sleeping Bag is simply perfect. It has a beautiful daisy design in the middle with the child's name in pretty pastel colors. With her name written all over the bag, this truly is her own possession. It also comes in three different sizes, so you don't have to worry about your child not being able to fit in the sleeping bag.

If you simply want a bag that can be easily identifiable as to whom it belongs to, the Kids' Personalized Sleeping Bag - Red on Blue is the one you're looking for. Getting your child in camp with lots of other kids bringing their own sleeping bags, it will be a hassle if they all get mixed up. You don't have to worry about having your child's sleeping bag mixed with another's since his name is on it.

Sleepovers and camping trips are extremely fun, and your child can learn a lot from it, too. Get your children to enjoy more by letting have them these cool sleeping bags to carry along with them.

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