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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Kids Music Instruments,Toy Pianos
Studies have shown that listening to classical music while pregnant has a positive effect on both mother and unborn child. You heeded these studies and listened to Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Once born, you sang lullabies and continued listening to music with your baby. Now, you want to continue nurturing his love for music.

For your toddler, get him the My First Piano by Schoenhut. In three attractive colors - red, white and pink - you can help him choose his first child size piano. With a simple 18-key table top, he can explore the sound of each key and experiment with composing his first music. He might not sound very good today, but you can encourage him by listening and appreciating his own brand of music. Indeed, you are fostering his sense of self-worth by allowing him to become a "star" in his own right!

Once he has mastered the basics of the toy piano, you can get him the Classic Baby Grand piano by Schoenhut. With a full two-octave span, he will soon learn to play beautiful, albeit simple, music that the whole family can enjoy. He is also finding a productive channel to release his physical energy and a creative means to express his emotions. He will be encouraged to start learning to read simple music that his siblings can sing along with. You can teach him standard nursery rhymes and experiment with the lyrics to give them your little musician's personal touch!

For the musically-advanced child, you can secure for him the Concert Grand Piano with Opening Top by Schoenhut. With its 37-key, 3-octave keyboard, he can make an easier transition from a kids' piano to mid-sized pianos. Let him imagine that he is a virtuoso concert pianist playing for an appreciative audience in a large venue, right in your living room with the whole family in attendance! He will definitely appreciate the praises and the practice. You just never know where your child's musicality will take him and it is of utmost importance to nurture his talent.

For the recital-ready child, get him the Schoenhut 44-Key Real Piano -Baby Grand Piano with Bench. This is a mid-sized piano that will help your child progress to a full-sized piano. He will appreciate the true piano sound, as well as the ease with which he can use all the 44 keys without overstretching his fingers. The two pedals on this piano, which he can actually reach with his feet, will help him change the piano's tone. Truly, he will be making beautiful music that can make you cry with happiness, much like the day you gave birth to him.

Regardless of what piano you give to your child, you are assured of the long-term durability, exquisite craftsmanship, and beautiful sounds of each piano. Your child will appreciate the chime-like sounds, the ease with which he can play the instrument, and the attractive color of his piano. You can help your child on his journey towards musical greatness, or if not, towards a deep love for music that will be your legacy.

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