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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art helps small children express themselves. They can better cope with their emotions and feelings when they draw and scribble at will. After they have drawn to their hearts' content, you can gently inquire about their drawings, what they mean, and how you can help them. Indeed, children also have unexpressed feelings that they put in paper. You will learn many things about them through their artwork.

For a complete kid art experience, you can give your child the Kids Creation Station Art Center w/ 2 stools. He can safely cut art paper with the built-in cutter, dip his paintbrush into the recessed paint containers, and make vibrant watercolor prints in this kids' art desk. After painting, he can dry his masterpieces in the built-in drying rack. He need not leave his magnum opus to the mercy of your pet cat. The supply bins allow for easy storage of his paint supplies, while the paper towel holder provides for easy access to cleaning supplies for your budding Monet. Just make sure that you always stock up on his art supplies to keep those artful masterpieces coming!

If you have limited space for your budding artist, then the Childs Art Activity Desk by GuideCraft is perfect for you and your child. This kids' art desk serves as a working area and a display spot for their works of art. Your child can draw and paint using art paper and various drawing instruments on the stand-up easel. He can also fold the easel to reveal an instant desk on which he can engage in other art activities like making origami and schoolwork. He can then display his artwork and schoolwork in the magnetic easel and the side shelves! After playing, he can fold the chair for easy storage and adjust the side shelves, too. Indeed, this kid's art desk is an all-in-one art activity center for your child.

To encourage socialization skills in your child, choose the two-way Kids Super Rolling Art Center by Alex. He can invite his playmate over for a painting session, which you can conduct outdoors to stir their imagination. Your child can paint on paper on one side, while his playmate can draw on a chalkboard. They will not be going to and fro since each side has built-in containers for paints, chalks, crayons, and markers. They can compare drawings and give advice, which will help them learn to give and cope with constructive criticism as well as give and receive praise graciously. All these social skills are gained through play alone! Never mind the mess because that can be cleaned and the supplies neatly stacked inside the built-in shelves.

Art benefits children. They acquire social skills, develop creativity, obtain new avenues for self-expression, and achieve self-esteem and self-worth through your praises. It is your duty as a parent to nurture their creative talents, if only as a means to help them find their voices through art. If their childish art leads to a successful adult career, then it is a welcome bonus. But for now, focus on letting them play around with kids' art easels,.

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by: RonJun eShop