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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Children love imaginative play because they can be anybody they want to be. They can be an important somebody, go to exotic and faraway places, perform exciting deeds, and experience the world beyond their limited and structured world. Indeed, a child's imagination is limitless!

You can create an imaginary world for your children right in their bedrooms through the appropriately-themed kids' area rugs. While they engage in imaginary play, you can help them acquire social and mental skills.

The Christian Bible and the Hebrew Torah are excellent sources of moral stories. You can make your story-telling session more engaging and exciting through the Flagship Kids Carpets-Bible Blocks Kids Educational Rug. With colorful pictures representing the major events in the Old Testament, your children will love hearing the stories behind them. You can bond with them while teaching them Godly virtues, which they will need to lead good lives. They will even like rearranging the pictures according to the Old Testament's telling of events. Add in the equally colorful letters and numbers, and you have a truly educational toy literally right under your feet!

To teach your children games that foster logical thinking and simple mathematical analysis, choose the Flagship Kids Carpets-Games That Teach Kids Educational Rug. With games like backgammon, Chinese checkers, chess, and Parcheesi, your children will learn decision-making skills based on logic. They can compete with others, which will help them acquire social skills like friendly competitiveness and graceful acceptance of victory and defeat. Indeed, this kids' area rug is not only a place to play, but is also a place to play fair.

Your children live a structured life, which often revolves around home, play school, and church. Why not introduce them to the real world beyond their small world through the Flagship Kids Carpets-Places-To-Go Big City Kids Educational Rug? The colorful representation of a town will help them learn the functions of each institution and how each one relates to the others. They can even dress up to complete the town's residents! In this way, you are also helping them respect the people who deliver services that make our lives easier.

And for your children who love underwater adventures, you can opt for the Flagship Kids Carpets-Sea Hunt Kids Educational Round Rug. With almost-magical creatures like an octopus, a whale, seahorses, and many kinds of fishes, you can join them on their fantastic ocean adventures. You can help them make up stories about magical sea creatures, maybe even make them homemade costumes for an impromptu ocean Halloween party. Just allow them to take you by the hand (or by the flippers), and imagine yourselves in a wonderful ocean kingdom!

All these rugs are made of 100% nylon, which are safe even for those with allergies and which are easily cleaned. The bright colors are sure to attract and hold your children's attention, which is very important in developing mental focus. And with a Class A fire rating, you are assured that the kids' room rugs possess flame retardant properties. What more can you ask of kids' room rugs that is safe and educational while satisfying your kids' imagination? Nothing more, I believe.

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by: RonJun eShop