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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As a parent with young children, sometimes it might feel like your house - and your life - is being taken over by toys, toys, and more toys. As much as you might want to set fire to the whole lot, you know you can't. After all, whatever makes your precious little darlings happy makes you happy - that is, if you're not tripping all over them. That's why proper toy storage come in handy. And no, this doesn't mean just throwing them all in in any old cardboard box. Toy storage is made stylish and fun with the right toy chest.

You know how hard it can be to get kids to pick up after themselves. That's when a little persuasion comes in handy, and nothing can persuade them more than personalized toy storage that they can call their own. After all, it literally has their name on it. If you want to go for classic, go for a Personalized Wood Toy Chest with Thematic Font. As the name suggests, this chest features laser-engraved thematic letters on its front. For something a bit more cute, go for the Animal Critters Personalized Wooden Toy Chest and its design of cute animals resting on a log and your child's name laser-engraved in casual font. Both chests come in natural oak or dark cherry color so they blend perfectly well with any decor. Two-lid supports offer safety for those tiny fingers. An optional wooden cedar base to protect cloth items from insects is also available.

If your child has a fantastic imagination, there's no reason why you shouldn't indulge such a whimsy. After all, a sense of adventure and creativity never hurts. Your little pirate will enjoy keeping his treasure trove of toys in this Pirate Treasure Toy Chest. This chest blends perfectly well with the Pirate-themed Kids' Room Furniture Collection. Not to be outdone, your little Princess will love the Princess Carriage Toy Box with its delightful horse carriage theme. Her Royal Highness will not only enjoy keeping her trinkets in this chest, she can also rule her little kingdom of dolls atop its plush velvet seat. This royal chest completes the Princess-themed Kids' Room Furniture Set. Both high quality toy chests are from GuideCraft.

A child who loves fun will appreciate stunning bursts of color. Consider the School Bus Wooden Toy Chest and the Train Wooden Toy Chest. Both fun pieces from GuideCraft feature safety hinges to prevent harm to those cute little fingers. You can also go for the super-colorful Circus-themed Kids' Toy Chest. This hand-painted and hand-crafted piece goes well with the Circus-themed Children's Furniture Collection.

With all the playing that goes on around these toy chests, it's a good idea to give kids someplace where they can take a breather. Why not go for a piece that not only serves as storage, but as a bench as well? Your little girl will love the Princess Kids' Wooden Toy Box/Bench. She can store toys aplenty in such a sizeable storage space, or relax on the padded seat cushion of the bench. This piece from Level of Discovery offers a slow-closing metal safety hinge to prevent pinched fingers. For little boys, go for the All 4 Sports Child's Double Storage Bench/Wooden Toy Box. This piece from GuideCraft features an abundant storage space and vibrant colors to brighten up any room.

Indeed, with such wonderful toy storage, you'll never have to trip on scattered toys ever again. You'll also be teaching your kids a thing or two but cleaning up just the way they like it: the fun way. Indeed, cardboard boxes have never been this aesthetically pleasing.

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