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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kids love to imitate what adults do. They are often seen trying to wear their parent's work clothes, walk around in oversized shoes, and even pretend driving cars! It's adorable to see them wanting to grow up so fast. It's the exact opposite of how their parents feel. If only we could stop time and have our kids stay that way forever. It isn't possible, though, but what parents can do is to encourage the development of children's motor skills with kids' ride on toys.

What more could a little boy want when he finds this BMW Z4 Roadster Pedal Car all for his own? He will surely be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood when he takes it out for a ride. It looks exactly like daddy's car with rubber tires and realistic alloy-like wheels. Kids are expected to scratch the paint job even on its first day, that is why the paint is injected deep enough so that scratches can be buffed. It also has tough and flexible bodywork, complete with real car badges and stickers!

Aspiring to be a race car driver doesn't have to start when your kids get their driver's license. They can start as early as two by polishing their driving skills with the American Retro Pedal Race Cars-Chrome Racer - Ltd. Edition. They can look and feel like a real race car driver with a paint job, rims, steering wheel, knock off spinners, windshield, and a big grille all in chrome! It won't be long before they will really be on a real race track, driving a hundred miles per hour.

By wearing a fireman costume and riding a Full Size Antique Kids Pedal Car- Fire Truck, kids can act as if they were real firemen and pedal around the block in search for their made up fire. When it's raining outside, that doesn't mean they can't play anymore. This also comes with an optional rocker where the kids can still play even inside the house.

Whoever said that girls can't play with toy cars, too? With this 1932 Pink Roadster Pedal Cars, they can ride with the boys at the park. This is officially licensed by Ford Motor Company and comes with chrome Ford hubcaps, detailed '32 grille, working trunk, custom graphics, and real hood louvers. Kids and collectors alike are sure to love this pedal car!

Complete the children's realistic feel of riding pedal cars with a 2 1/2' Green & Yellow Gas Pump with Storage, Red, Black or Green/Yellow. Kids do know that cars can only go when there's gasoline in them, so having one of these will surely complete the collection. Just like a real gas pump, it has a vinyl hose with nozzle, and a bell rings when the crank is rotated. The front panel also opens for storage of items inside, and it is also has a lock and key.

It is part of a child's development to imitate what they see. Parents don't have to wonder why their children does this and that. They should encourage this expression as it is healthy for the child both physically and mentally.

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by: RonJun eShop