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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There are some parents who can't afford to leave their children at a day care center while they are off to work. Having a sitter or a nanny is also a choice, but it's hard to entrust your children to some stranger nowadays. You just can't be too careful. Sometimes, there's just no other choice but to bring your children with you to your office. This can be distracting, especially when the kids start to run around and cause trouble. To occupy their time and leave you at peace, you should get them kids' play furniture.

Start developing your children's love for music with Musical Slices of Fun Kids Play Table. It has a unique table design with musical instruments for a child or a group of children to play with. This would mean endless hours of fun playing with 8-note Xylobells, a wooden Xylophone, 2 Remo Drums, 3-Tone Chime, and Cymbals. Since it comes with eight mallets, an entire group can play and make music together.

With Big Bear Wire & Bead Kids Play Table, playing and learning can be done at the same time. It has sculpted wires where your child can develop his manipulation skills. It is designed to accommodate 6-8 children, so your kids do not have to play alone. They can also interact with the other kids to develop their skills in teamwork and cooperation. Be worry free on missing parts or having children and adults stumble on pieces that have been thrown to the floor since these are self-contained.

Kids love to play with trains! With the ChildBrite Express Route Board, Optional Trains, they can stay in a corner of your office on the table or on the carpet and play with trains to their heart's content. It has 35 feet of train tracks with uncountable number of switches, crossings, and turnovers where your kids can develop hand-eye coordination. It does need to be assembled, but it's not something that requires a mechanic to set up!

No list of kids' wooden play furniture would be complete without the Small Deluxe Block Kids Play Table? This classic toy has been around for ages, and it isn't showing any signs of fading. Building blocks are great toys since it can develop a child's imagination and creativity. With a set of 4 chairs and 64 blocks, other kids can join in too and they can have fun together with your child, making it a great opportunity to make friends.

Aside from building blocks, another classic toy for children is a Woody Chalkboard Play Table. Every artist has to start somewhere, and it is best if you start them young. With this chalkboard, they can develop their skills in drawing. At first, they can only draw simple lines and shapes, but it won't be long before they will learn to draw portraits and landscapes! Imagine in just a couple of years' time, you will be opening an art gallery for your artistic child!

Having your children in your office doesn't have to be a day of chaos. Children have a short attention span, so you just need something to interest and distract them while you are busy with work.

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by: RonJun eShop