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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Books open many doors to different worlds. That's why you should encourage reading among younger children to foster their love for the written word. It's never too early to start reading and learning, and books are the very medium to get children on the right path. As parents, you're responsible for picking the right literature that's appropriate to children of any age, so don't take such a chore lightly. And of course, you need to prepare proper kids' bookshelves, too, to make these precious tomes accessible to the little ones.

Not only do you want your kids to pick up a book regularly, you also want them to put them back properly. To encourage such a habit, consider kids bookshelves that are eye-candy to the kids and just way too cute for you. The CoCaLo Baby Sugar Plum Revolving Kids' Bookcase features a pleasing butterfly and floral motif in pink and plum with accents of green and ivory, as well as butterfly bookends. It also revolves to give kids easier access to their favorite storybooks. This bookcase blends perfectly well with the CoCaLo Baby Sugar Plum Kids' Room Furniture Set. For less whimsy and more color, the Circus Entertainment Center/Kids' Bookcase by Level of Discovery and its fun and bright circus theme offer adjustable shelving areas that can hold not only books, but stuffed animals, toys, and other important "stuff" as well. A drawer beneath the "Big Top" stage can store your little ones' "secrets." Your kids will also be treated to the "Entry of the Gladiators" from a clown music box and colorful blinking lights whenever they pick up a story.

If you want your kids to be treated to something different to enhance their imagination, go for the mystical purple, blue, and gold motif of the Time to Read Revolving Kids' Bookcase by Level of Discovery. It features two shelves and photo frame bookends that revolve for easy access. Another beautiful bookshelf that your kids can appreciate is the Firefighter Revolving Kids' Bookcase. It's sure to be eye-catching with its black and gold accents on a base of fire engine red. It even sports a fire hydrant with real chains and hoses. It also conveniently revolves for easy access, fire truck bookends and all.

As a parent, you probably feel that your kids are growing up way too fast. This means that you might feel that they're outgrowing their whimsical kids' bookshelves at lightning speed. If that's the case, you can opt for classic kids' bookcases that you know will be appreciated for a long, long time like KidKraft's New Avalon Kids' Bookshelves. Effortlessly combining style and function, this bookcase comes in honey, natural cherry, black, or white, so it easily blends with any decor. Similarly, the Kids' Traditional Bookcase from Little Colorado are designed to be appreciated through the years. With its thoughtfully-spaced shelves to accommodate large books, this handcrafted solid wood wonder come in many colors to go with your kids' changing tastes over the years.

Indeed, reading books is fun, but it's made even more fun with whimsical and functional kids' bookcases. Not only will your kids enjoy reading, they'll also enjoy maintaining their little library, too.

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by: RonJun eShop