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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There are some parents who can't afford to leave their children at a day care center while they are off to work. Having a sitter or a nanny is also a choice, but it's hard to entrust your children to some stranger nowadays. You just can't be too careful. Sometimes, there's just no other choice but to bring your children with you to your office. This can be distracting, especially when the kids start to run around and cause trouble. To occupy their time and leave you at peace, you should get them kids' play furniture.

Start developing your children's love for music with Musical Slices of Fun Kids Play Table. It has a unique table design with musical instruments for a child or a group of children to play with. This would mean endless hours of fun playing with 8-note Xylobells, a wooden Xylophone, 2 Remo Drums, 3-Tone Chime, and Cymbals. Since it comes with eight mallets, an entire group can play and make music together.

With Big Bear Wire & Bead Kids Play Table, playing and learning can be done at the same time. It has sculpted wires where your child can develop his manipulation skills. It is designed to accommodate 6-8 children, so your kids do not have to play alone. They can also interact with the other kids to develop their skills in teamwork and cooperation. Be worry free on missing parts or having children and adults stumble on pieces that have been thrown to the floor since these are self-contained.

Kids love to play with trains! With the ChildBrite Express Route Board, Optional Trains, they can stay in a corner of your office on the table or on the carpet and play with trains to their heart's content. It has 35 feet of train tracks with uncountable number of switches, crossings, and turnovers where your kids can develop hand-eye coordination. It does need to be assembled, but it's not something that requires a mechanic to set up!

No list of kids' wooden play furniture would be complete without the Small Deluxe Block Kids Play Table? This classic toy has been around for ages, and it isn't showing any signs of fading. Building blocks are great toys since it can develop a child's imagination and creativity. With a set of 4 chairs and 64 blocks, other kids can join in too and they can have fun together with your child, making it a great opportunity to make friends.

Aside from building blocks, another classic toy for children is a Woody Chalkboard Play Table. Every artist has to start somewhere, and it is best if you start them young. With this chalkboard, they can develop their skills in drawing. At first, they can only draw simple lines and shapes, but it won't be long before they will learn to draw portraits and landscapes! Imagine in just a couple of years' time, you will be opening an art gallery for your artistic child!

Having your children in your office doesn't have to be a day of chaos. Children have a short attention span, so you just need something to interest and distract them while you are busy with work.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kids love to imitate what adults do. They are often seen trying to wear their parent's work clothes, walk around in oversized shoes, and even pretend driving cars! It's adorable to see them wanting to grow up so fast. It's the exact opposite of how their parents feel. If only we could stop time and have our kids stay that way forever. It isn't possible, though, but what parents can do is to encourage the development of children's motor skills with kids' ride on toys.

What more could a little boy want when he finds this BMW Z4 Roadster Pedal Car all for his own? He will surely be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood when he takes it out for a ride. It looks exactly like daddy's car with rubber tires and realistic alloy-like wheels. Kids are expected to scratch the paint job even on its first day, that is why the paint is injected deep enough so that scratches can be buffed. It also has tough and flexible bodywork, complete with real car badges and stickers!

Aspiring to be a race car driver doesn't have to start when your kids get their driver's license. They can start as early as two by polishing their driving skills with the American Retro Pedal Race Cars-Chrome Racer - Ltd. Edition. They can look and feel like a real race car driver with a paint job, rims, steering wheel, knock off spinners, windshield, and a big grille all in chrome! It won't be long before they will really be on a real race track, driving a hundred miles per hour.

By wearing a fireman costume and riding a Full Size Antique Kids Pedal Car- Fire Truck, kids can act as if they were real firemen and pedal around the block in search for their made up fire. When it's raining outside, that doesn't mean they can't play anymore. This also comes with an optional rocker where the kids can still play even inside the house.

Whoever said that girls can't play with toy cars, too? With this 1932 Pink Roadster Pedal Cars, they can ride with the boys at the park. This is officially licensed by Ford Motor Company and comes with chrome Ford hubcaps, detailed '32 grille, working trunk, custom graphics, and real hood louvers. Kids and collectors alike are sure to love this pedal car!

Complete the children's realistic feel of riding pedal cars with a 2 1/2' Green & Yellow Gas Pump with Storage, Red, Black or Green/Yellow. Kids do know that cars can only go when there's gasoline in them, so having one of these will surely complete the collection. Just like a real gas pump, it has a vinyl hose with nozzle, and a bell rings when the crank is rotated. The front panel also opens for storage of items inside, and it is also has a lock and key.

It is part of a child's development to imitate what they see. Parents don't have to wonder why their children does this and that. They should encourage this expression as it is healthy for the child both physically and mentally.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Books open many doors to different worlds. That's why you should encourage reading among younger children to foster their love for the written word. It's never too early to start reading and learning, and books are the very medium to get children on the right path. As parents, you're responsible for picking the right literature that's appropriate to children of any age, so don't take such a chore lightly. And of course, you need to prepare proper kids' bookshelves, too, to make these precious tomes accessible to the little ones.

Not only do you want your kids to pick up a book regularly, you also want them to put them back properly. To encourage such a habit, consider kids bookshelves that are eye-candy to the kids and just way too cute for you. The CoCaLo Baby Sugar Plum Revolving Kids' Bookcase features a pleasing butterfly and floral motif in pink and plum with accents of green and ivory, as well as butterfly bookends. It also revolves to give kids easier access to their favorite storybooks. This bookcase blends perfectly well with the CoCaLo Baby Sugar Plum Kids' Room Furniture Set. For less whimsy and more color, the Circus Entertainment Center/Kids' Bookcase by Level of Discovery and its fun and bright circus theme offer adjustable shelving areas that can hold not only books, but stuffed animals, toys, and other important "stuff" as well. A drawer beneath the "Big Top" stage can store your little ones' "secrets." Your kids will also be treated to the "Entry of the Gladiators" from a clown music box and colorful blinking lights whenever they pick up a story.

If you want your kids to be treated to something different to enhance their imagination, go for the mystical purple, blue, and gold motif of the Time to Read Revolving Kids' Bookcase by Level of Discovery. It features two shelves and photo frame bookends that revolve for easy access. Another beautiful bookshelf that your kids can appreciate is the Firefighter Revolving Kids' Bookcase. It's sure to be eye-catching with its black and gold accents on a base of fire engine red. It even sports a fire hydrant with real chains and hoses. It also conveniently revolves for easy access, fire truck bookends and all.

As a parent, you probably feel that your kids are growing up way too fast. This means that you might feel that they're outgrowing their whimsical kids' bookshelves at lightning speed. If that's the case, you can opt for classic kids' bookcases that you know will be appreciated for a long, long time like KidKraft's New Avalon Kids' Bookshelves. Effortlessly combining style and function, this bookcase comes in honey, natural cherry, black, or white, so it easily blends with any decor. Similarly, the Kids' Traditional Bookcase from Little Colorado are designed to be appreciated through the years. With its thoughtfully-spaced shelves to accommodate large books, this handcrafted solid wood wonder come in many colors to go with your kids' changing tastes over the years.

Indeed, reading books is fun, but it's made even more fun with whimsical and functional kids' bookcases. Not only will your kids enjoy reading, they'll also enjoy maintaining their little library, too.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Children need to exercise just like adults, but their type of activities differs from the usual ones that adults do to keep fit. Instead of joining fitness gyms or doing yoga, children's form of exercise is through play. They run, jump, or hop around the house and even outside. This might drive you nuts sometimes, but it's a way for them to use the energy that they have. To encourage children to play constructively and also to keep them out of your way, they need an outdoor wood playset.

With a Jungle Escape Outdoor Playset By Gorilla Playsets, children can have all the fun under the sun. They will surely enjoy pretending to be Tarzan and swinging along, just like what he does in the movies. The play set also comes with slides where he can enjoy the rush of sliding down to the ground. It also has monkey bars and a rope ladder for your kid to climb on. If you have a child who is too young to climb, he can stay in the built-in sandbox where he can build sand castles.

If you have little girls, they will enjoy playing in the Breckenridge Playhouse Outdoor Playhouse By Gorilla Playsets. Girls love to play make believe, and this is simply perfect for their imaginations. They can pretend that they are mothers or fathers, and mimic what they see is being done inside their own household. This is quite important to help children express themselves. You don't have to worry about it being left outside and rotting under the weather since the playhouse is made of weather-resistant materials and can also withstand insect damage.

When you have extra space in your backyard, you should get a Blue Ridge Voyage Outdoor Playset By Gorilla Playsets. This play set is perfect when you have a bunch of kids at home. All of them can play at the same time since there are so many things that can be done with it. There are swing beams and hangers, a climbing rope ladder, trapeze, rock wall with climbing rope, sandbox, and spiral slide. This would mean endless hours of fun and adventure for the children.

What playground will be complete without Outdoor Wooden Children's Sandboxes - Deluxe Cedar Sandbox? This play set has been around for years that it has simply become a classic. Little tots are sure to spend most of their days in these sandboxes just playing in the sand and forming whatever their minds can think of. You don't have to worry about sunburn since these sandboxes are equipped with a permanent canopy for protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

If your kids prefer playing with sand and water, they will certainly have a blast playing in this 24" All-In-One Sand and Water Activity Center. They can play by themselves or with a friend. Let their imaginations take a hold of them and fly them off to a land where everything is possible. They can build castles or towers and pretend that they were princesses trapped way up high, waiting for their prince to save them.

By filling the day of the children with fun and activities, their restlessness will be reduced as they have spent their energy throughout the day. They are sure to look forward for the next day...and the next.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At around 8 years old, a child enters an age where he begins to join sleepover parties and go camping, as well. This is an exciting time for both parents and children. The parents start to let go of their child who is now growing up and allow him to spend nights in his friends' houses. The child also begins to discover the world that is beyond the four corners of his house. With all these things happening, the child has to be well-prepared for the sleepovers to come. An essential item would be kids' sleeping bags where he will be sleeping in when he goes to these events.

Perfect for any aspiring ballerina is The Ballet Slipper Kids' Sleeping Bag. Little girls will adore the ballet slipper design for this sleeping bag. It comes in two colors - lavender and pink - and is made of poly-cotton and satin on the outer material. The removable inner mattress is made of allergy-free polyester fiber so you don't have to worry that your child might have an allergy attack in one of those sleepover nights. Carry and transport of this sleeping bag is made easier with a carry sack that matches the color of the sleeping bag.

Joining a space camp in the summer is every boy's dream. Make it even more special by surprising him with The Space Shuttle Kids' Sleeping Bag. He will be thrilled to find it in his belongings and will get even more excited for the camp to start. The major color of the sleeping bag is silver, just like real space shuttles, and has a red printed USA design with blue rocket blasters. With a comfortable inner mattress and pillow, he can launch off to his dreams every night.

If your child is fond of baseball, you can get him this Kids' Baseball Mitt Sleeping Bag. He is sure to be the envy of his baseball-loving friends when he comes to the sleepover carrying this soft corduroy ball mitt sleeping bag. It is quite roomy, too, so he can invite his friends or siblings to join him in his mitt. No worries for cleaning here since the inner mattress is machine-washable and the covers open for ease in cleaning. A pillow comes along with this sleeping bag to provide more comfort for your child as he dozes off to sleep.

For the nature-loving child, the Kids' Chambray Daisy Personalized Sleeping Bag is simply perfect. It has a beautiful daisy design in the middle with the child's name in pretty pastel colors. With her name written all over the bag, this truly is her own possession. It also comes in three different sizes, so you don't have to worry about your child not being able to fit in the sleeping bag.

If you simply want a bag that can be easily identifiable as to whom it belongs to, the Kids' Personalized Sleeping Bag - Red on Blue is the one you're looking for. Getting your child in camp with lots of other kids bringing their own sleeping bags, it will be a hassle if they all get mixed up. You don't have to worry about having your child's sleeping bag mixed with another's since his name is on it.

Sleepovers and camping trips are extremely fun, and your child can learn a lot from it, too. Get your children to enjoy more by letting have them these cool sleeping bags to carry along with them.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Learning for children is done through play. With it, they are able to express themselves, develop their creativity, and also master their fine and gross motor skills. There are times when the play includes other children, too, and through it, they will begin to learn about the importance of teamwork and cooperation. All these and more can be achieved with kids' building toys.

Get an Alex Kids' Furniture-Work Bench and have your child build his ingenuity with various colorful tools in hand. Using a carpenter's square and a vise, he can form patterns for woodwork. He can pretend cutting up the pieces of wood with a saw and sticking them together using a hammer or a screw driver. He can also connect the cut up pieces with a wrench, bolts, nuts, and connectors and be able to make something bigger and useful out if it.

Strike up your child's inspiration and have him exercise his imagination with a Children's Blocks Play-Unit Blocks 390. It has 390 pieces in 30 different shapes. Think of the numerous patterns and designs that your child can come up with. The possibilities can only be as limited as the boundaries of his mind. You don't have to worry of it getting dents and dings as the Guidecraft blocks are built to be resistant. The chances of your child getting hurt from the blocks are also reduced, as they are finely sanded to eliminate any sharp edges. Be worry-free when your child is playing with these blocks.

Every child has probably heard of the story of the great flood. It is fun to imagine it, but it would be better if you had a 34-pc Noah's Ark Wooden Play Set to play with. Relive the golden days when Noah had to build an ark to protect all the animals from the flood that was coming. Your child will surely have a blast in playing the role of Noah. It can also help him identify different animals from around the world. This wooden play set is sure to last for many generations to come and bring smiles and laughs to every child.

Develop more of your child's imagination with a Wooden Toy PlaySet-Vision Quest. It is fun and at the same time, educational to play pretend. With this play set, your child can act as if he was an Indian and portray the lives of Indians in the past. He can also play with the other children, and this can help develop teamwork and cooperation for each child. There are 9 hand-painted wooden pieces that the children can use as tools for the everyday activities of Indians. You have to be sure, though, that there is no one under the age of three in the group since there are small pieces that they could swallow and choke from.

Kids are very curious about everything in the world, and it won't come as a surprise if they start asking how buildings and houses are being made. To give them a better view of things, let them make their own construction with Kids' building blocks-Jr. Hollow Blocks. They will be able to understand more about the basics of buildings if they can apply it on their own.

Your child can be so much more than what you expect him to be if only he has the opportunity to grow and learn. Help him reach his goals in life by providing him with activities and play sets that will polish all his skills.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Remodeling the rooms of your children is something that has to be done, especially when your kids have outgrown their cribs. They would also need a bigger space to give room for bigger beds and other kid's room furniture. You would do well if you hired an interior decorator to do the job, but there's no harm if you are going to do it by yourself with the help of Children's Theme Room Furniture. Just pick a theme your child likes, and you are all set to remodel!

Have a little Major League Baseball fan in the house? You can design his room with Kids' MLB Theme Room. If your child has a favorite team, you can pick out furniture that is designed with his team's official logo and colors. There are 29 MLB teams theme room to choose from, and you can even mix and match the items as your child likes it. The kids' furniture pieces are all hand-carved and hand-painted to perfection and are all officially licensed to the Major League Baseball Association.

If you have race car fan, you should design his room with an Upscale Kids Bedroom Furniture-Speedster/Indy Race Car Bed. Your child will look forward each night and every nap time to lie in his Indy Race Car Bed that looks just like the real thing with metal finish and all! The best thing about it is you can pick the number and color of your choice. You can also personalize the license plate with your child's name, and as for the size of the bed, it can fit both twin and full-size mattresses and doesn't need a box spring.

Little girls have always dreamed of becoming a princess and living in a beautiful castle. With Children's Furniture Sets - For Your Princess, you can scheme your daughter's room to look like a castle. Make her feel like she really is living her dream with a toy box bench, potty, bookcase, and a whole lot of other kid's furniture designed for princesses. She can pretend that she is riding on a beautiful pony in the countryside with a rocking horse. Your daughter will surely spend hours of fun playing in her castle of a room.

For the little prince of the house, he can have his own castle as well. Design his room with Children's Room Furniture Sets - For Your Prince. He can lounge in luxury fit for a prince with a prince rocking chair, or ride in his fast steed of a rocking horse. Playing pretend and fighting off dragons and thieves will be an easy feat for your prince-in-training, and he can stash treasures from his conquests in a toy box bench designed for princes.

Fulfill your child's dream of becoming a firefighter with a Firefighter Theme Room. Complete your child's room with a bookcase, toy box bench, clothes stand, and rocking chair in the official firefighter's color. He will have lots of practice fending off make believe fires that will help him soon when he really does the real thing.

Designing your kid's room the way he wants it to be isn't hard, and you won't need a professional's help either. The two of you can do it together, and you are sure to have lots of fun in the process.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's summer time once again, and it's time to hit the outdoors for some fun under the sun. Your kids are sure to be thrilled that they can finally enjoy staying outside and playing with the other kids on the block. While you and the other parents lounge and have your adult talk, let your children stay comfortable as well with kid's outdoor furniture. It's all in kiddie sizes, so it's exclusively for kids only.

Have your children sip their lemonades and eat cookies outside with this Kidcraft Octagon Garden Kids' Table & 4 Stools with Multi Striped Umbrella. This is a perfect addition to your backyard furniture, together with your kids' play sets. When the kids are tired of running around, they can sit on the stools and sip lemonade or eat freshly baked cookies. The multi-striped umbrella adds shade from the harmful rays of the sun, so you don't have to worry about your children getting sunburned.

If you are quite unsure as to where to put your kid's furniture, you can get this Child's Adirondack Chair and End Table, Personalization Optional. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The versatility of this chair and end table can be quite handy when the weather isn't fit for staying outside. Your child can still relax and enjoy his milk and cookies with his chair and end table even when inside the house. It is available in different colors to suit your taste, and you can also blend it in with the other furniture in the house.

When you are in search for a wooden bench for kids to place in your porch or in the backyard, you should take a look at this Kids' Adirondack Wooden Bench Honey w/ Green Cushion. While you sit with your coffee, reading the paper, your kid can sit on his bench drinking his milk while reading a book, too. If he has friends comomg over to the house, they can all sit on the bench and have a lovely time together.

It's not that you are teaching your kid to be lazy, but there are those days that all you want to do is just to sit back and relax. With you on your lazy chair and your child on an Adirondack Child Rocking Chair, Unfinished or Personalization Optional, you can do just that. The rocking chair is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, so you can just drag it anywhere you prefer to sit and lounge together. You can also personalize this rocking chair if you like. Have your child's name written on it with basic colors for an additional charge.

If what you are missing in your backyard is a picnic table for kids, then Kids' Picnic Table, White, Red, Green, Red or Natural, is just what you are looking for. The size is perfect for kids and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. You don't have to worry about the benches breaking since it can hold up to 200 pounds of weight. The hardware is zinc and nickel plated, so you are sure that it will last for a long, long time.

It's always good to spend time with your children. You have the option of staying indoors or outdoors whenever the weather permits it. With kids' outdoor furniture, you are sure that your children will have all the fun and also the rest periods that they need.

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