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Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is a children’s wall panel toy? Wall panels are a great way to provide fun and active playtime for children while saving space at the same time. A good quality wall panel will hold up to years of exciting play and will keep your child’s imagination active with all the different designs, structures, educational applications and so on that they provide. Kid’s wall panels are just what the name describes, a panel of different sizes or designs that comes with all the hardware needed to safely and securely attach it to just about any wall you desire. They can be arranged at any height or spacing that is right for the children that will be using it making playtime fun and enjoyable.

Children’s wall panels are great for play areas that have little room for toys as they don’t take up any floor space and can be positioned any where in the room. Your child’s wall panels are always available to play with as they are displayed on the wall and with the colorful designs and attractive features, your wall panels help to decorate the room as well. Kids have different likes and dislikes and there are many different kinds of activity wall panels to choose from, whether it is a mirror design or a fun maze application or even educational puzzles, there is always something to keep them busy and happy.

Kid’s wall panels are also a wonderful activity toy that are used by Doctor’s waiting rooms, Hospitals, preschools and daycare facilities. Waiting rooms in Hospitals, Doctor offices, Pediatrician offices and so on always have the need for something to keep the kids busy while waiting to be seen and what better way to do that then to provide quality wall panels to play with. They don’t take up valuable space in the waiting room and can be positioned in a corner of the room to help keep the kids from wandering all over the place, kids are inquisitive and wall panels provide the stimulation they need. Another great thing about children’s wall panels is that they are very easy to clean, just wipe them down with a damp cloth and especially in Doctor’s waiting rooms where some kids could be sick, it is easily kept germ free by taking a minute to spray or wipe using a disinfectant product. And as stated before, these wall panels are built to withstand the hard play that kids can put them through and that is reassuring knowing that many children will be playing with them every busy day in the waiting room.

A few quality manufacturers of kid’s wall panels are Play Scapes who offer a great line of brightly colored panels like the Spinmazer Wall Panel that can be spun around in different directions to get the disc inside to travel through a looping maze. Another exciting style of wall panel from Play Scapes is there touch sensitive Playsa Girl/Boy Face Drawing Wall Panel or the Hands On/ Finger Painting Wall Panel. This unique type of wall panel allows you to leave impressions on the front of the panel such as hand prints, drawing faces or any thing else you can imagine. Anatex is a wonderful manufacturer and has a wide range of children’s wall panels to choose from, whether it’s the colorful and exciting Sea Life Pathfinder Wall Panel with an under sea play ground or the many different maze designs available that are sure to please any child’s imagination to the puzzle designs such as the Number 1-15 Puzzle Wall Panel. It is well worth your time to check out wall panels for kids and see the many possibilities that are there for fun and active play that your kids are sure to love for years to come.

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by: RonJun eShop