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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cooperation is an important skill every child must learn. But actually teaching your child to acquire this virtue is not an easy feat. Every human being has a tendency to want to rely only on himself and to make sure that he meets his own needs first. Your child is not any different.

So how do you help your child develop the skill? You can start by making your child appreciate the value of cooperation. Making him want to actually learn it makes all the difference. You can do this by grabbing every opportunity to try and explain the wisdom in the act of cooperating. Be ready to point out every situation that displays the virtue. You should explain how things would have turned out if cooperation was not present.

You must also foster a tradition of cooperation in your very own home. You can start by cooking up family projects that require cooperative efforts. You can do a family collage, or set up a backyard garden. Make sure that you assign specific tasks to each family member. You should explain the value of each member’s contribution and how it contributes to either the success or failure of the project.

More so, you must be able to teach your child the value of getting along with his peers. How you fare at this time of his life plays a big role on how his future relationships will be like. Early on, you should already be able to teach your child that giving is as good as receiving and that he must learn to take turns and to share. You can help foster all these by encouraging your child to engage in cooperative activities. Now setting up that children’s indoor playground is definitely a good idea.


by: RonJun eShop