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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You can’t rely on school teachers alone to aid your child through academic progress. Efforts must start at your own home. If anything, it is still the immediate family that holds the most influence in shaping what a child is to become. And for your child to succeed in school, you must be able to instill in him a healthy habit of reading, even at an early age.

There is a limitless number of ways for you to achieve this. You can start by practicing what you preach. Be a ‘reading’ model. One of the earliest ways children learn is by imitating what others do, and as a parent, you hold the most influence. Being a reading model is also an effective way of showing your child that you value reading, and you can expect him to follow suit. Children start forming habits at a young age and you must make sure that this works to your child’s advantage.

You can also adopt the habit of reading to your child everyday. This will make him appreciate and even love reading. This is also guaranteed to help your child learn to read faster and to acquire a richer vocabulary. Also, you must put some effort in minimizing your child’s consumption of any type of electronic media. Limit the time he spends on TV, video games, and computers so he’ll have time for a healthy dose of reading.

Finally, you must make reading materials readily available for your child. More so, you should encourage your little angel to have his own personal library. Encourage him to have a collection of his favorite books. And for all these, you can count on kids’ bookshelves to help catch your child’s interest. These miniature pieces of furniture that come in a variety of colors and themes are guaranteed to make your child want to use them (and the books that they hold too).

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by: RonJun eShop