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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Like most people, your child is born with creative potential. Now it is up to you to help your child achieve this potential. You must be careful not to do anything that would stifle your child’s creativity.

As a parent, it is wrong to be too rigid with rules that you keep your child contained, unable to think for himself. Do not make the mistake of organizing your child’s “creative” activities to the point that you are already controlling him. You are not at all helping your child.

Creativity is the ability to look at things in a unique way, to identify problems other people may not recognize, and to come up with novel solutions. Controlling your child will not help him gain this attribute. Give your child some space. Give him time to think for himself, to discover his own creative channels. This is the best way you can help your child prepare for his future. This is an effective way of helping your child grow up to become a productive adult.

Also, you must help your child realize that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes, that what matters is that he tried, and that he was brave enough to try something new. More so, you must teach your child the value of perseverance. Avoid completing things for him. Do not try and do things for him when he seems to be having difficulty. Teach him to go on, even when the going’s getting rough and tough. Teach him that it is important to see a project completed, that the product or the outcome is essential.

To top it all, you must provide a creative environment. Give him toys that give room to his own manipulation. Clays and building blocks would be great. You must also make sure that you bring out the artist in your child with a cute and inspiring kids’ art desk and easel.

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by: RonJun eShop