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Monday, December 3, 2007

So how do you tame your restless child? Give him or her a good reason to sit still and relax.

You can expect your little toddler to be a tad hyperactive. Children this young are at a stage when they are just starting to learn and discover new things. They are beginning to understand that they can manipulate the things around them, that their actions cause changes in their surroundings. They discover that they send a ball rolling when hey hit it with their foot. They discover that they can use their nimble hands to pick up novel little items. It’s a stage of fun and excitement for them. This being said, you may find it difficult to keep your little child seated and relaxed.

But this is not something you should gripe about, except for a few cases where their kids are actually suffering from ADHD (a disorder characterized by unhealthy levels of hyperactivity). Otherwise, you should be happy to have a healthy and bouncing little angel. Anyhow, you would still want to find your toddler rested and relaxed every now and then. And if anything, you also want to find your child settled and maybe even reading. For this, you will find children’s rocking chairs heaven-sent. These cute and charming pieces are bound to catch your child’s attention. And it gives children an opportunity to stay settled and rocking all at the same time.

Why not encourage your child to read a storybook while propped up on the comfy chair? Just like charming old Grandma..

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by: RonJun eShop