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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Remember how you learn better when you couple theory with application? The same thing applies to your child. Children learn both by imagining and doing. And for this, pretend play takes on an essential role.

When engaging in pretend play, children are creating an image of what real life is. They are experimenting with different social roles. And as with real life, they learn the value of not only physical but social and emotional skills as well. Through pretend play, children learn all the fundamental things they need to survive as adults. For one, they learn the value of interacting with others. While playing, they realize that they have to cooperate with other kids to achieve some goals. They also learn the value of language. They learn that to bring a message across, they have to communicate through words. You will even notice your little child mimicking how adults talk. And this is yet another effective way of learning—imitation. More so, children learn the value of abstract thinking. They realize that objects can represent something else. To top it all, children learn moral values. Through pretend play, children learn to take turns, to empathize and to share responsibilities.

Of all types of pretend play, children’s favorites are those that mimic things that are happening in the house. Children love to imitate their Mom’s activities in the kitchen or their Dad’s tasks at the garage. For your little girls, you will find a set of play kitchen most engaging. You will have fun spending some quality time with your little girl playing pretend cooking.

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by: RonJun eShop