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Sunday, December 30, 2007

It’s every parent’s dream to see their kids succeed. It’s your dream too. But are you actually doing something to get closer to that dream? Does your kid have what it takes to get there?

Some people are just born with it. They have it in them - the drive to succeed, the PASSION. For those who don’t already have it, a little push and some external cultivation may be necessary. And starting early on when your child’s development is at its most critical stage, will be most helpful.

There is no better time to start teaching your child the value of success than now. More so, you must start instilling in him the factors needed to get there. So what does it take anyway? Two words — Energy and Passion. Ensuring that your child has both is basically fueling him to make it through the path of success.

So how do you cultivate energy and passion? Of course, you must ensure that your child is physically well-nurtured. Feed the little tyke with the right food and make sure that he gets a good dose of the necessary nutrients. Also, you must keep your child inspired. Teach him to dream and to reach for the finer things life has to offer. Teach your child never to settle for mediocrity. Teach your little angel to aim high. Show him that he or she deserves only the best.

But then again, you must remember that your child is a child and you must treat him so. You must be subtle with the life lessons you wish to teach your little angel. Why not do as the big players do? Remember how the auto manufacturers gain a major following by creating an industry based on passion? And they do so in a discreet fashion you never really realize they are coming at you.

You can do the same as a parent. Take hold of the reins and take your child on that grand pursuit of passion. Take him on a luxurious ride on one of those stylish children’s pedal cars and watch your child conquer his own little world.

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by: RonJun eShop

Friday, December 28, 2007

Do you ever wonder how some people grow up to become brilliant inventors or scientists? Do you ever wonder if your child has what it takes? As numerous researches would show, it is a combination of nature and nurture that cultivates a genius. That is, it is an interplay of heredity and environmental stimulation that makes for a brilliant person.

Apparently, there is nothing much you can do for the former. You can’t control the genes that you pass on to your child (at least, not with conventional ways). But you hold a degree of control for the latter. You must do everything in your power to create an environment that is conducive to your child’s optimal development.

Do not expect to get guaranteed results, though, and wait for your child to actually become a genius. Not everyone has what it takes (remember, there is still the gene factor). And besides, you can’t be too sure if that’s what you really want. Geniuses are bound to live a life beyond the realms of ‘normal’ and this may be too complicated for your liking.

Anyway, your goal is to help your child become the best that he can be, to realize his full potential. Teach him the basics of innovation and invention. Do you know what inventors have in common? They have the ability to recognize a problem and to realize the value of things around them. They have just the imagination necessary to recognize - and even create - value out of every conceivable tool.

This is not a difficult lesson to teach. You can do this in your little ways. How about buying your child a toy storage? Teach him to recognize that this charming thing is not only there to store his stuff, but it also solves the problem of clutter and it helps him find his toys when he wants them, minus the confusion of having to go look for them. Watch your child apply the same lesson to many other things in life.

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by: RonJun eShop

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Remember how you learn better when you couple theory with application? The same thing applies to your child. Children learn both by imagining and doing. And for this, pretend play takes on an essential role.

When engaging in pretend play, children are creating an image of what real life is. They are experimenting with different social roles. And as with real life, they learn the value of not only physical but social and emotional skills as well. Through pretend play, children learn all the fundamental things they need to survive as adults. For one, they learn the value of interacting with others. While playing, they realize that they have to cooperate with other kids to achieve some goals. They also learn the value of language. They learn that to bring a message across, they have to communicate through words. You will even notice your little child mimicking how adults talk. And this is yet another effective way of learning—imitation. More so, children learn the value of abstract thinking. They realize that objects can represent something else. To top it all, children learn moral values. Through pretend play, children learn to take turns, to empathize and to share responsibilities.

Of all types of pretend play, children’s favorites are those that mimic things that are happening in the house. Children love to imitate their Mom’s activities in the kitchen or their Dad’s tasks at the garage. For your little girls, you will find a set of play kitchen most engaging. You will have fun spending some quality time with your little girl playing pretend cooking.

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by: RonJun eShop

Monday, December 3, 2007

So how do you tame your restless child? Give him or her a good reason to sit still and relax.

You can expect your little toddler to be a tad hyperactive. Children this young are at a stage when they are just starting to learn and discover new things. They are beginning to understand that they can manipulate the things around them, that their actions cause changes in their surroundings. They discover that they send a ball rolling when hey hit it with their foot. They discover that they can use their nimble hands to pick up novel little items. It’s a stage of fun and excitement for them. This being said, you may find it difficult to keep your little child seated and relaxed.

But this is not something you should gripe about, except for a few cases where their kids are actually suffering from ADHD (a disorder characterized by unhealthy levels of hyperactivity). Otherwise, you should be happy to have a healthy and bouncing little angel. Anyhow, you would still want to find your toddler rested and relaxed every now and then. And if anything, you also want to find your child settled and maybe even reading. For this, you will find children’s rocking chairs heaven-sent. These cute and charming pieces are bound to catch your child’s attention. And it gives children an opportunity to stay settled and rocking all at the same time.

Why not encourage your child to read a storybook while propped up on the comfy chair? Just like charming old Grandma..

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by: RonJun eShop

Saturday, December 1, 2007
You are well aware of the value of play for your growing child. It is through play that children explore and understand the physical world. It is also through play that they discover themselves and the things they are capable of doing. More so, children learn to communicate with the people around them through this activity. In a nutshell, children develop their motor skills, mental ability and social skills through playing.

Luckily, human nature recognizes this and has created within children the inherent ability and need to engage in playful activities. Still you must exert some conscious effort to provide additional stimulation, if only to maximize your child’s developmental potential. You must ensure though that your child’s play is limited within the educational realm. You don’t want your little tyke learning all the wrong things, like aggression and hostility. Also, you want your child to be safe all the time.

Your goal is to provide your children with toys that stimulate their young minds and growing bodies without unnecessary risks to their psychological and physical wellbeing. Invest only in toys that are bound to facilitate both your child’s physical and mental growth. You must also check for choking hazards and any component that is likely to cause harm to your child. And of course, you must choose toys that are fun and that are effective at catching your child’s attention and interest. For all these purposes, you have a range of fun and exciting quality educational toys to count on.

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by: RonJun eShop

It is important that you ensure that your child develops to his or her full potential. Many people have long realized this and have been creating devices to facilitate child development. One such device is the baby walker, which was created to help children learn to walk. But this has been proven to be a dangerous mistake. As statistics would have it, baby walkers send approximately 14,000 children to the hospital every year. It has also been proven that infants who started out with a walker develop an abnormal gait (though temporary).

People have long learned that children must be left to their own devices if they are to develop to their maximum potential. Children must be allowed to explore their surroundings freely. It is then your job to create an environment that facilitates healthy and safe child exploration. Your child is born to a world filled with adult-scale furnishings. You can make the necessary alterations. Fill your child’s bedroom and playroom with pieces of furniture that are made at a scale perfect for children.

To encourage child mobilization, choose children’s furniture that is not only functional but fun as well. You will find a range of furniture pieces that are so cute even you will chuckle with delight. And they are created with your child’s safety in mind. Now that is a full load off your shoulders.

Watch your child learn new things safely and grow both physically and mentally while having fun and excitement.

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by: RonJun eShop