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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wondering what to do with a listless kid in this cold weather? Bring out the toy box and play with your toddler. Toys are important for a child’s mental and physical stimulation. Without challenging activities, a child will become listless, irritable, and bored.

If you want some peace and quiet, keep him busy with crayons and interesting coloring books where he can improve his eye-hand coordination and make decisions about what colors to use. A kid’s table and chairs for this activity will not cramp his style.

When the weather’s fine, let him drive around the lawn with one of those pedal cars. Physical exertion will give the needed exercise for a growing body and driving around will strengthen and tone his arm and leg muscles. This physical activity will let him put to use his eye-hand-leg-head coordination and quick thinking. You can also do a bit of a work out by cheerfully running after him.

During the weekends, invite the neighbor’s kids over to play with your child. This is the best way to develop his social skills and teach him to develop friendships.
Let them play in a safe environment where they won’t be bumping into things, or you can marshal them to do puzzles or tell them stories. If they prefer to romp around, be on hand to keep an eye on them. An hour or so of fun won’t tire them out. Afterwards, serve up a hearty snack to cap a nice afternoon for all the children.

by: RonJun eShop