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Monday, November 26, 2007

There is no doubt about it, play and toys are important to children. Not only because these things make them happy but because they support child development. So forget about frugality and invest in the best that you can possibly give your child.

You may remember the old times. Toys were simpler. There were no batteries or electricity to speak of. You will also remember that you did not have Internet or advanced computer programs to deal with when you were in school. Your child is born in a totally new era. You have about 300,000-array of toys to choose from and many are mobile and highly interactive. Also, your child will have to deal with a more complex world of knowledge when he finally goes to school. The message is clear, times have changed and you must catch up. That is of course if you want what’s best for your kids.

Since your child is facing a future filled with complexities and progress, you must have him prepared by making his childhood conducive to optimal development. Give him the resources and space to explore his environment and to be more mobile. Give him toys that are a tad more stimulating. For this, you can’t rely on your traditional wooden toys anymore. Even now you should already instill in your child the value of being progressive and mobile. For that, you have pedal planes to speak of. These toys are the very embodiment of mobility and interactivity. So go ahead and watch your child ride in style with the latest and most popular toy planes available.

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by: RonJun eShop