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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Whether you have a boy, a girl or even both, having a stunning theme bedroom is a wonderful way to decorate. The idea of a theme room is to create a great look based around a matching color scheme and various accessories and furnishings. With a theme room, you can either go with a theme that is color based, or even from a particular profession or storybook character. To say the lease, whatever you end up choosing, a theme room can make quite a dramatic impression and leave your child with a space that is unique and inspiring.

For an interesting theme to decorate for the little boy in your life, you can always go with the Firefighter motif. This is a great way to bring the colors of a Firefighter theme together with plenty of amazing accessories, furnishings and more. However, the best part of a Firefighter theme is that you can teach your child the importance of such a profession as well as the kind of hero that each and every Firefighter is when they do their job. This is also a perfect theme room to choose when you have a relative in the family who is a part of this field, either as a profession or through volunteer work.

In addition to the bright and cheerful fire engine red that you may want to paint with, you cal also opt for great accessories such as a rocking chair or even a hanging rack to hold all of your child's miscellaneous items. With a little bit of thought and the right pieces, you can end up with a theme room that will look like it was from a paged ripped from a decorating magazine.

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by: RonJun eShop