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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
After Halloween, the holiday season will arrive with lightening speed. Very soon you will find that your house will be filled with the laughter of children as friends and relatives visit and bring their little ones along. Whether you have your own small children at home or you just want to make your home hospitable to kids, you can ensure a good time for all, both big and small if you add some fun games.

If you have pre-schoolers coming to visit have some games that they can enjoy such as Cherry Picker or Candy Land that require no reading but work by matching colors and pictures only. Older children may enjoy fun games such as bingo or Yahtzee. Elementary school-age children will enjoy strategy games such as chess or Risk as fun ways to pass the time. Other traditional standbys are Monopoly and the newer tradition of Pictionary. Have a deck of cards handy so the kids can have a game of War too.

Set up a central place for the kids to gather and you'll not only be giving them their own "space" to play away from the boring adult gathering, you'll also keep the clutter and mess to a minimum. A carpet that has spaces to play games on is also a cool idea that will keep the kids entertained and in one spot.

Playing games is an excellent way for kids to build social skills and encourages cooperation and group play. Make your house the one the kids will be begging to come to this holiday season, stock up on fun games for everyone!

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by: RonJun eShop