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Friday, October 12, 2007
When you think of children’s education what comes to mind? For most it conjures up pictures of school, which is correct. However, that is not the only correct answer.

Just as important in a child’s life is developing social skills. A child may be considered a prodigy, gifted, etc. but without social skills it will be a tough road ahead. Social skills allows a child to fit in and interact with others, which as adults we know is necessary. So as parents and caregivers it is your responsibility to start your child on the right track.

How is this accomplished? Of course leading by example is a given, so you need to focus on other aspects of their education. Play dates are a great way to start because you have control over the amount of time that is spent at any given moment. You are the first to see that your child is getting a little tired of all the interaction and can adjust as necessary. You can increase the length of time for a play date a little at a time or as you see fit.

Now that they are with a group they will have to learn how to handle the situation, a good way to do that is with playing. Blocks are an excellent choice as they are fun to use together and alone so that interaction can occur but it does not have to be done with others so it makes them very versatile.

Combining a good example and regular interaction with other children is the best way to instill social skills in your child.

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by: RonJun eShop