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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
After Halloween, the holiday season will arrive with lightening speed. Very soon you will find that your house will be filled with the laughter of children as friends and relatives visit and bring their little ones along. Whether you have your own small children at home or you just want to make your home hospitable to kids, you can ensure a good time for all, both big and small if you add some fun games.

If you have pre-schoolers coming to visit have some games that they can enjoy such as Cherry Picker or Candy Land that require no reading but work by matching colors and pictures only. Older children may enjoy fun games such as bingo or Yahtzee. Elementary school-age children will enjoy strategy games such as chess or Risk as fun ways to pass the time. Other traditional standbys are Monopoly and the newer tradition of Pictionary. Have a deck of cards handy so the kids can have a game of War too.

Set up a central place for the kids to gather and you'll not only be giving them their own "space" to play away from the boring adult gathering, you'll also keep the clutter and mess to a minimum. A carpet that has spaces to play games on is also a cool idea that will keep the kids entertained and in one spot.

Playing games is an excellent way for kids to build social skills and encourages cooperation and group play. Make your house the one the kids will be begging to come to this holiday season, stock up on fun games for everyone!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007
One of the most basic things your toddler should know are shapes and colors. There are many ways to help your kiddo learn his shapes and colors and the key is making it fun and he will learn effortlessly.

You don't even have to wait for your child to sit up on their own. Even a baby strapped in her bouncy chair who cannot sit up on her own will squeal with delight when you hold up bright flash cards with colors and shapes or even large sized blocks for her to hold. Granted, they will be mostly tasted so make sure they are large size blocks to keep them from being a choking hazard but again, making it fun will make her look forward to learning with you.

A Rollercoaster Shape Sorter is a fun way for older children to learn their colors and shapes. This wooden cube topped off with a friendly flower will challenge your children to put the correct shapes into the same shaped holes. You can make it a challenge and set a timer and see if your child can make and beat his own high score or if you have a group of children over - let them have a race and see who is the fastest shape sorter. It's a good idea to have a little give a prize for each child - trying should always be rewarded. Rewards can be simple toys like a coloring book and new box of crayons or healthy snacks!

There are 16 chunky vibrant shapes and their size makes them easy for little hands to grab. Knowing their basic shapes is a skill children should have by the time they enter kindergarten, make sure your child isn't left behind and get him both fun toys and learning toys that make learning an enjoyable experience.

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by: RonJun eShop

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Have you noticed that a lot of the games out for kids today do everything including play for the child. Basically a lot of toys are so highly programmed, your child just has to sit and watch the toy do its thing.

Often times, when you are looking for games and toys for your children to play and learn with, the simplest games are the best! Mix and match games are great learning tools and they let kids not only hone their memory skills, but their creative thinking skills as well.

The Caterpillar Pathfinder is a twist on an award winning classroom toy and is very easy to play. The children simply guide the colorful beads that make up the caterpillar's body along the tracks and match the color of the caterpillar's head with its legs. This simple toy promotes memory, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Once your children have mastered the game, you can make it even more challenging by setting a kitchen timer and seeing how quickly they can guide each piece and create a time to beat. This can be fun for one on one or in group play taking turns.

If you're realizing almost every toy your child owns is battery operated and you want to add some simple and learning fun to your child's playtime, start investing in some basic and easy-to-play with toys.

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by: RonJun eShop

Friday, October 12, 2007
When you think of children’s education what comes to mind? For most it conjures up pictures of school, which is correct. However, that is not the only correct answer.

Just as important in a child’s life is developing social skills. A child may be considered a prodigy, gifted, etc. but without social skills it will be a tough road ahead. Social skills allows a child to fit in and interact with others, which as adults we know is necessary. So as parents and caregivers it is your responsibility to start your child on the right track.

How is this accomplished? Of course leading by example is a given, so you need to focus on other aspects of their education. Play dates are a great way to start because you have control over the amount of time that is spent at any given moment. You are the first to see that your child is getting a little tired of all the interaction and can adjust as necessary. You can increase the length of time for a play date a little at a time or as you see fit.

Now that they are with a group they will have to learn how to handle the situation, a good way to do that is with playing. Blocks are an excellent choice as they are fun to use together and alone so that interaction can occur but it does not have to be done with others so it makes them very versatile.

Combining a good example and regular interaction with other children is the best way to instill social skills in your child.

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by: RonJun eShop

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yes, pedal cars. Surely you remember them, toys powered by good old fashioned kid power. It can be difficult to entice children outside when they would rather watch TV or play video games. You know that they need exercise and fresh air; it’s just sometimes easier to give in.

So, what do you do? Start by telling them stories of your childhood and how you loved these types of cars. Something along the lines of it made you feel so grown up to be “driving” just like mom and dad. Or how you and your friends used to have races in them.

Tell them how great it is to get into one of them, like a fire truck and pretend to save the family. Or into a police car and chase down the bad guys. They can race the roads or tell them how they can pretend to fly through the clouds in their very own pedal plane.

They do not have to know that it is a way to get much needed exercise or that it helps to improve their dexterity and teaches them through fun, did you? No, all you knew is that they were neat and you had a great time playing with them. Nothing else was important to you as a child.

It can also be a great way to bond with your child as you reflect back and talk about your childhood. Just remember when they say “Wow, did they even have cars back then?” they are not being mean, they are dead serious.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007
Do you remember those days when you were younger and there was a special table all set up at the holidays just for the kiddos? Well, as you grow up and have children of your own, you may want to think of keeping this tradition alive. Many kids like to know that they have their very own table that is just their size that they can use to enjoy their holiday meal with others their own age.

If you want to keep a classic and more dressed up look within your home, you may want to go with the Victoria Kid's Table Set. This gorgeous table set comes complete with two matching chairs that are sized just right for kids. Your little ones can sit down and have a great time just like the adults, without having to sit in a booster seat at the bigger table. Having this kind of extra room for the adults at the regular table is always nice as well!

The great thing about having a table on hand that is sized just right for little bodies is that you can use them over and over again. When well taken care of, these tables can be used year after year for holiday meals and large gatherings. In addition to that, you can even use these tables for various art projects and more. You will be amazed at how handy this pint sized furniture will become when you have kids in your house.

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by: RonJun eShop

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Whether you have a boy, a girl or even both, having a stunning theme bedroom is a wonderful way to decorate. The idea of a theme room is to create a great look based around a matching color scheme and various accessories and furnishings. With a theme room, you can either go with a theme that is color based, or even from a particular profession or storybook character. To say the lease, whatever you end up choosing, a theme room can make quite a dramatic impression and leave your child with a space that is unique and inspiring.

For an interesting theme to decorate for the little boy in your life, you can always go with the Firefighter motif. This is a great way to bring the colors of a Firefighter theme together with plenty of amazing accessories, furnishings and more. However, the best part of a Firefighter theme is that you can teach your child the importance of such a profession as well as the kind of hero that each and every Firefighter is when they do their job. This is also a perfect theme room to choose when you have a relative in the family who is a part of this field, either as a profession or through volunteer work.

In addition to the bright and cheerful fire engine red that you may want to paint with, you cal also opt for great accessories such as a rocking chair or even a hanging rack to hold all of your child's miscellaneous items. With a little bit of thought and the right pieces, you can end up with a theme room that will look like it was from a paged ripped from a decorating magazine.

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by: RonJun eShop