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Saturday, September 1, 2007
Remember when you found out you were pregnant? Your emotions tended to run the gamut from excitement to all our terror. Everyone had his or her own personal advice and words of wisdom to offer, whether asked or not. One of your main concerns was bringing your baby home to what you wanted to be the perfect nursery. Along with the friends and relatives advice (or perhaps in spite of their advice) you made that nursery perfect. All of your time, planning and even frustrations paid off the first time you saw your perfect baby sound asleep in the perfect crib that you had put in their perfect nursery.

Naturally, as your child gets older they begin to grow out of their nursery and you start the process all over again. This time you are trying to decorate the perfect room for your perfect toddler. You may start to feel the same type of anxiety again, but this time you have an advantage. This time you know your child, their likes and dislikes, all the quirks of their personality and what makes them smile.

If your toddler loves to follow daddy around the house and pretend to help fix things, a room based on a construction or building theme might be good. A shelf for his tool belt and hardhat, a corner with all of his plastic "work" toys lined up and his own workbench.

Perhaps your little angel is a dreamer, serene and content amid all the chaos of every day life. You can turn her room into her own heavenly cloud 9 retreat with a Cloud girl bed surrounded by furnishings to match. And perhaps add a cloud or two painted on the ceiling.

Most importantly, don't fret too much over it, this should be fun. Relax, after all you did create the perfect nursery, remember?

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by: RonJun eShop