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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Ok, Dad, admit it, you would love to be one of “those” dads. You know the ones, like the neighbor boys dad. That cub-scout leader/soccer coach/ marathon runner that you tend to refer to as Mr. Perfect. Your wife may call it sour grapes, but you know better, right? Yeah, right.

Actually you know that your boy adores you and thinks you hung the moon. You know that he thinks his friend’s dad is really cool and while not absolutely necessary it wouldn’t hurt for him to think you were cool too. Yes, you do know that all of those parenting books tell you being cool is not the highest priority for a parent. True enough, but that doesn’t make it any easier when your son comes running up to you all out of breath and says that Mr. Perfect (can you even remember what his real name is?) got them box seats for the World Series. You do know that it is not a competition but it would sure be nice to just once get the upper hand.

Other than sports what is something that boys (of all ages) love to talk about, play with or watch? Anything to do with cars, of course. And the faster, classier and neater it is the more they like it. What was one of your favorite cars when you were growing up? A classic 57 Ferrari? A ’65 Mustang? Or how about a 65 Shelby GT-350? All were truly great classic cars. And these pedal car replicas are great, complete with a certificate of authenticity. Seeing the expression on your child's face is only one thing of what makes this so great. And the other thing that makes it so great? Your kid’s friends will think you’re cool.

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by: RonJun eShop