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Saturday, September 29, 2007
When you found out that you were having twins, what was your reaction? Were you thrilled? Were you scared? If you are like most parents it was probably a combination of both. Then again, with some it doesn’t even sink in until the day they are born. Although it never completely goes away scared begins to take more of a backseat to thrilled.

It is such an exciting time, getting everything ready for the babies’ arrival, baby showers and the sonograms that remove all doubt of a multiple birth. And after those sonograms, if you hadn’t already, you probably began stocking up on multiples of everything from cribs to highchairs, car seats and diapers, lots of diapers.

When you were thinking about decorating the nursery you probably had a little trouble deciding on a theme if you were uncertain what types of twins they would be, identical or fraternal. It can be pretty difficult trying to incorporate two different styles in the nursery so perhaps you decided that the actual colors and theme were not as important at this age as they would be later.

As they start to get a little older it becomes a little more difficult because while everything matching is adorable, but you also want to show that they are indeed, two separate individuals. This may present more of a challenge when they are fraternal twins because not only do you have unique personalities, etc. you have two different genders and showing that distinction is important.

If you do not have the resources or the room to decorate for each one individually consider getting a bedroom set that is more neutral but still very stylish and appropriate for either gender. One good example of this would be the First Impressions Toddler furnishings. The combination of the colors and even the graphics are perfect for this situation. Soft enough to be soothing, but also bright enough to reflect their energy and uniqueness.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Ok, Dad, admit it, you would love to be one of “those” dads. You know the ones, like the neighbor boys dad. That cub-scout leader/soccer coach/ marathon runner that you tend to refer to as Mr. Perfect. Your wife may call it sour grapes, but you know better, right? Yeah, right.

Actually you know that your boy adores you and thinks you hung the moon. You know that he thinks his friend’s dad is really cool and while not absolutely necessary it wouldn’t hurt for him to think you were cool too. Yes, you do know that all of those parenting books tell you being cool is not the highest priority for a parent. True enough, but that doesn’t make it any easier when your son comes running up to you all out of breath and says that Mr. Perfect (can you even remember what his real name is?) got them box seats for the World Series. You do know that it is not a competition but it would sure be nice to just once get the upper hand.

Other than sports what is something that boys (of all ages) love to talk about, play with or watch? Anything to do with cars, of course. And the faster, classier and neater it is the more they like it. What was one of your favorite cars when you were growing up? A classic 57 Ferrari? A ’65 Mustang? Or how about a 65 Shelby GT-350? All were truly great classic cars. And these pedal car replicas are great, complete with a certificate of authenticity. Seeing the expression on your child's face is only one thing of what makes this so great. And the other thing that makes it so great? Your kid’s friends will think you’re cool.

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Friday, September 21, 2007
As children's educators you realize how important it is to stimulate a child's natural curiosity and one way to do this of course is to get their imaginations going. Not that they really need all that much encouraging when it comes to imagination and pretend play, but a little extra nudge never hurts. And it is not just educators that have this responsibility; it is something that anyone who has contact with children, from parents, to day-care providers and doctors, should be doing for the benefit of all children.

There is an added burden of trying to stimulate children's interests when there are a limited number of opportunities available. Burden, yes, but impossible, no. Experts state that encouraging pretend play also helps them develop into productive members of society later in life. They explain this by saying that simulating possible scenario’s of adulthood prepares them for possible actions and interactions as they grow.

Have you watched children when they are involved in pretend play? Many times you will see yourself in their actions, reinforcing that everyone is a potential role model for a child and as such it is important that this is reflected in the way they interact with each other.

A great way to see this in action is to allow them to utilize what are normal every day events and put their own perspective on it. Consider something like the Kids indoor playground equipment, the School Bus Play Time Loft is an excellent choice as it involves interacting with both other kids (on the bus) as well as adults, like the bus driver or teacher.

Go ahead, give it a look, you may just be amazed at how much children really absorb and remember from everyday activities.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
While it's true that summer is pretty much over and kids are returning to school, there are still warm days ahead and kids enjoy playing outside for as long as they can. Come to think of it, most parents also enjoy having their kids play outside as long as they can. Soon enough it will be cold and the "I don’t have anything to do" cries will be in full voice.

If children have to be inside for whatever reason, their natural reactions tend to become restless and that often leads to boredom, or at least what they consider boring. Of course it is not always possible to please and entertain every child, every time, but there are things that you can do to make it a little more bearable for everyone. Many times having a schedule helps, not a rigid everyone must follow it exactly schedule, just enough of one to try to keep things on an even keel, which is especially useful if there are a limited number of toys or activities. For example, if there are 2 easels available to use with painting and you have 4 kids that want to paint, then obviously there needs to be some type of time limit so that everyone gets a chance to paint.

On the other hand, some toys are even better if lots of kids can do it at once. An example of this would be blocks, you remember, those great wooden blocks of all different shapes and sizes that would keep you entertained for hours, building and re-building with your friends. Guidecraft makes some of the best blocks, with smooth edges and a wide assortment of both different styles and number that comes in a set. You can get anywhere from a 45 set piece all they way up to an amazing 390 piece set.

So, haul out the blocks and let the construction begin!

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Friday, September 14, 2007
There is something quite special about the kinds of things that can come out of the creativity of a young child's mind. Whether they are playing with some of their favorite educational toys or they are putting together some sort of craft or project, you are going to see an end result that is creative and inspirational. As you begin to notice that your child has a special gift for everything that is artsy in nature, you might want to look into getting him or her a couple of helpful tools that they can use.

The nice thing about a child who is very interested in art and the world of crafting is that you never have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to help them enjoy themselves. A great place to get started down the path to creativity and wonderful projects happens to be the Kid's Easel-Artist's Easel by Level of Discovery.

Once you have this fun easel in your home, your child is going to have an amazing opportunity to create just about anything that their little brain can dream up. For any sort of painting, sketch or project, this easel comes with a great replaceable roll of paper as well as four plastic paint containers that can be removed, filled and so on. There is even a nifty storage shelf that your child can use to stash all of their crafty tidbits and supplies.

Creation and imagination definitely go hand in hand, and once your child has this easel, you will see that there will be hours upon hours of creative energy that he or she can enjoy.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Any parent who finds resistance when asking their child to put their books away should know that they are definitely not alone. While reading books and exploring through the pages of a great chapter book is always a great experience, the thought of putting the book away where it belongs at the end is another story all together. This is why you might want to see about getting your child a bookshelf that will make them want to put away the books each and every time.

While the thought of complete cleanliness and organization may seem like a stretch to most parents, those who have already brought the My Favorite Things Doll House Bookcase into their homes know that it can actually happen. Perhaps there is something special about the doll house design of this bookcase that makes it accessible to young children. Either that or they find that putting books away is fun because their new bookcase looks great when it is filled with their favorite books and maybe even a couple of stuffed animals.

Well, no matter what they case may be, this is the kind of furnishing that any parent will be proud to display in their child's room. This colorful, fun piece is made with multiple tiers and dividers for plenty of storage room. Any child is going to adore this bookcase, wanting to place all of their books and trinkets on it in a neat and organized way. With this piece, organization and fun really do go hand in hand.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

There is nothing quite like the experience that you encounter as a parent as you watch your child learning while they are playing with various toys. At the same time, it is even more amazing when you happen to see that certain toys are helping them to grow and interact with others around them. Whether it is sharing with another child or looking to an adult in the room to play along with them, there are great skills and traits that can only be learned through interactive play.

Think about times when you were a child and you had an incredible time while playing with others putting together a puzzle, working on some sort of word game or even building a structure with blocks. Many of these items are just not the same unless you are playing right along with another child or an adult. The same idea goes today when you are looking for great ways to socialize your child with other children, which can help them to learn valuable skills that can be used throughout their lifetime.

Kid Games - Ring Toss is a perfect toy that will help children to work on their sporting skills as well as interactive skills by sharing turns with others. You have colorful, hand painted wooden posts along with rope rings that can be spaced out for playtime according to the child's age. These kinds of toys are just right for getting kids involved with play as well as being excited about the thrill of competition.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When you have children, you want to do absolutely everything that you possibly can in order to ensure that they grow up with the best values and skills. This will mean everything from the kinds of lessons that they can learn in school to the lessons that only you, as a parent can teach them. Although you might not realize it, a toy box can be much more than a good way to store toys, it is also the perfect way to help teach your children all about values and precious organizational skills that they can take with them into adulthood.

If you give it some thought, a toy box is the perfect tool to help you teach your child that it is best to put away their toys after each and every use. This can also help them to learn how to stay picked up and organized later on in life as well. In addition to that, when you show your children the proper ways to pick up toys and put them away in the toy box where they belong, you are also showing them the best way to keep organized. These skills will be very valuable and will last them a lifetime.

For a child that is in love with animals and the workings of a farm, there is the Little Farm House wooden toy box. This is a fun piece of furniture even has helpful dividers that will allow you to store toys in their own compartments. At the same time, the beautiful graphics, complete with farm animals, will help to stimulate young minds and encourage use and play.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007
Remember when you found out you were pregnant? Your emotions tended to run the gamut from excitement to all our terror. Everyone had his or her own personal advice and words of wisdom to offer, whether asked or not. One of your main concerns was bringing your baby home to what you wanted to be the perfect nursery. Along with the friends and relatives advice (or perhaps in spite of their advice) you made that nursery perfect. All of your time, planning and even frustrations paid off the first time you saw your perfect baby sound asleep in the perfect crib that you had put in their perfect nursery.

Naturally, as your child gets older they begin to grow out of their nursery and you start the process all over again. This time you are trying to decorate the perfect room for your perfect toddler. You may start to feel the same type of anxiety again, but this time you have an advantage. This time you know your child, their likes and dislikes, all the quirks of their personality and what makes them smile.

If your toddler loves to follow daddy around the house and pretend to help fix things, a room based on a construction or building theme might be good. A shelf for his tool belt and hardhat, a corner with all of his plastic "work" toys lined up and his own workbench.

Perhaps your little angel is a dreamer, serene and content amid all the chaos of every day life. You can turn her room into her own heavenly cloud 9 retreat with a Cloud girl bed surrounded by furnishings to match. And perhaps add a cloud or two painted on the ceiling.

Most importantly, don't fret too much over it, this should be fun. Relax, after all you did create the perfect nursery, remember?

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