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Friday, August 3, 2007
It can be an exciting time for parents and quite a milestone for kids when it is time to transition to a "big kid's bed". It can also be more than a little scary to a child. While they really want to be all grown up they are not too thrilled with stepping outside their comfort zone.

There are some things that you may want to try to make the change a little easier for your child. You might start them out in the bed during the day, possibly at nap time, as this is a little less scary than an all-nighter. Even if your child has never showed any tendency to be scared of the dark it is possible that this might crop up during this changing of routine. Patiently try to explain to them that it will be ok and that everyone gets a little afraid sometimes. This might be a good time to get a night light if they don't already have one. Or even if they do try letting them pick one out that is a special big kids light to go with their special big kid's bed.

The bed itself also deserves consideration of things such as safety and growth. Also try to find a bed that will appeal to them and their personality, because it makes the transition a lot easier if they actually like the new bed.

A great choice for a transition bed is the Modern Toddler Cot. It has a low to the ground base and uses the same mattress that was in the crib. There is a unique little bench at the foot of the bed that just might be perfect for one of their bedtime pals. After all it's possible that teddy might get a little scared too and then they will be right there with him to make sure everything is ok. The decorative bed rails will help keep your little one as safe and secure as teddy.

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