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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
You love your child dearly, you really do, but constantly having to clean up after them can get pretty frustrating. It can be even more frustrating trying to teach them to help clean up.

Each expert or doctor has their own view on how to teach a child to help tidy things up, beginning with their room. Naturally most kids pretty much ignore the idea that they should be helping and trying to find ways to encourage them is a never-ending battle. Some suggest making it a game, start them out with minor projects that they can handle and "let them" win.

You may also want to consider a small chore list that is age appropriate. These kinds of accomplishments can make a child feel so grown up and they love it when you tell them that. Some type of a small reward, anything from a cookie to a gold star, also tends to make them beam with pride and tackle the project with a little less animosity the next time it comes up.

It also helps if you have things clearly labeled showing where certain items go. For instance, you could have several wicker baskets each labeled with what should go inside, crayons, coloring books, drawing paper, blocks, etc. You may also want to consider a toy box for larger toys or ones that do not have a specific place. There are many different styles available and you will surely find one that goes with their room, as well as their personality. All of this makes clean-up a little easier to deal with and teaches responsibility without it being a rigid, boring routine.

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by: RonJun eShop