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Thursday, August 23, 2007

She's been asking for ages and finally you have decided that your daughter is ready to have her first slumber party. For her first slumber party, keep it to just a few friends, no more than four is usually a good idea and have some fun stuff planned in advance for the kids to do.

First of all, set up a place your daughter's room or a game room for her friends to sleep. It's a good idea to have the guests bring sleeping bags so everyone can "camp out". Then after you've decided where the sleeping will happen, move on to planning munchies and activities.

Be choosy with the foods you serve, you don't want three extra kids in your house on sugar overload. Also, talk to the other kids' parents and make sure there are no food allergies you should know about. Some kids are very allergic to common foods like peanut butter so better safe than sorry and always ask. Serve some sweet yummies sure, but balance it out with cut up fruit or veggies and dip and other healthy snacks. Make the kids a smoothie using yogurt, fruit and crushed ice for a cold treat. You can make them feel special and let them have treats without putting them into a sugar coma.

Games are always fun. You can use some of the old favorites that have been around since time immortal like Musical Chairs and use your daughter's table and chair set, pin the tail on the donkey and Simon Says or go for some of the newer favorite party games like a child's version of "Pictionary" where kids get to guess a word based on pictures shown or even set up a craft for the kids to make to take home such as a bracelet they can choose their own beads and string themselves.

It's easy and fun to put together your daughter's first slumber party, with just a little planning you can make this get together the best night ever!

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by: RonJun eShop